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RE: [Janshakti] Some Home Truths.

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  • Ramakrishna Chitrapu
    On every branch of tree an owl is sitting.. they have no morals, no patriatism,and only thing they know is say HaanJi Yes Madam, Laadla is the fittest person
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      On every branch of tree an owl is sitting.. they have no morals, no patriatism,and only thing they know is say HaanJi Yes Madam, Laadla is the fittest person to be the PM.Yuva netha.. I think in Congress the in the royal dynasty every member is a yuva netha even if he is 60/70.
      We boast of Hinduism.. the PM who knows what had happened after the assassinattion of IG..he was a witness but he does not talk about it. From the day he took over as PM.. he started saying the minority is not getting their rightful share in the wealth of the nation..

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      Subject: [Janshakti] Some Home Truths.

      Mr satbir you are right.Man mOhan is like a 'jonk'. he clung to indira Gandhi and is bleeding the coutnry sicne then.he is a big fraud in economics and governnace.Zero.Third rate economist withour any knowledge, thorughly corrupt and unethical ex govt babu.After this sttoge and crook came as PM, prices of land have climbed 12 tiems by now ,rentals of property by 5 times and general price ris ealso by 5 times.All figures gioven by him about inflaiton are big fraud. If we ask Supreme court to appoint a committee to collect retail prices of various items and servcies inclduing postal charges to say 100 items, we wilkl see that general inflation is more than 500% in 9 years or 45% per year.IT is high time Singh is dismissed,arersted and presecuted and hanged the same way as Saddam Hussain.Saddam was patriot, he is traitor.Saddam was anti US, this traitor and quack is thoroughly degraded person and pro US. he is trying his best to dilurte RTIU act and also noe CAG offcie by making it multi member like it was done in case of eelc tion commission. SOnia and Man MOhan deserve severe dealth penalty that will be remembered by coming generations as punishment for treason and lootmar.SIngh ha sno ethcis and no morals.NO wodner his tea bills and phoine bills ran in lacs in that time also. he is pest on Indian society.Self seeking stooge enjoying luxurious life by cheating Indians.he is a digrace to sikhism and just opposite to Bhagat Singh. I cant udner stand what this too old man of 80 eyars now want from life.he continues fraud and gaddari.All these crooks in politcis sholuld be liquidated alongwioth their familes and their wealth annexed to national treasury to set things right.
      Here are some Home Truths:

      1.  Hindus do not want India to become a Hindu state.  I have been trying for past five years for making India a Hindu state but had not been supported by Hindus.  My petition to the PM on the subject could not get even 25 signatures.
      2.  Hindus want Kashmir to be part of India although Kashmir is a Muslim majority state.  They flare up at any idea of Kashmir being parted from India.  They even think that Pakistan and Bangladesh are Hindu territories which have been given to Muslims.
      3.  Hindus do not want to throw away the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.  On the other hand, they want to utilise the services of these Bangladeshi Muslim illegal immigrants.
      4.  Hindus are not very particular about building a Ram Mandir at Ram Janambhoomi.  When I talk about Hindus, I talk about majority of Hindus.
      5.  Hindus react very violently when attacked otherwise they are a peaceful lot.  They generally burn their victims during riots while Muslims kill their victims with a dagger.  Muslims generally do not burn their victims.
      6.  All the Ministers even those who are not corrupt, do like freebies.  When I was Under Secretary incharge of General Administration in the Finance Ministry, I noted that the tea bills of the then Finance Minister and now Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh ran into tens of thousands of Rupees in 1994.  His telephone bills ran into lakhs of Rupees. So many people came to meet him and had free tea at his residence and still he could not win the Lok Sabha election.
      7.  Even the most honest Ministers indulge in nepotism. The then Agriculture Minister, Ajit Singh made it a point to post his known persons to the place of their choices.  When I suggested that in one case he had ordered that there should be no transfers so that his known person could stay at the place of his choice and that in the other case too, there should no transfers, he became furious with me because he wanted his known man to be transferred to Delhi.
      8.  Hindus become furious at any suggestion of Khalistan for Sikhs even within the Indian Union although Nehru has stated that the brave Sikhs should have a place in the North where they could have a glow of freedom.
      9.  When linguistics states were formed, Punjab was denied that benefit for a long time and it was only in 1966 that Haryana was separated from Punjab.  Many Punjabi speaking areas like Ambala, Kangra etc. are outside Punjab because Hindus who speak Punjabi in their homes, have declared Hindi to be their mother tongue.
      10. Hindus remained slaves for centuries because they could never get united.  They are divided on caste lines even now although I have been pleading for the past seven years that OBCs and Dalits are part and parcel of us and they are blood of our blood.  Generally, the OBCs and the Dalits favour Muslims while the Upper Caste Hindus look down upon Muslims.
      11. Muslims want to establish Sharia Laws all over the world and not only in India.  They want Civil Sharia Laws for themselves in India but in no case want that Criminal Sharia Laws should be imposed on them in India.
      12. All the Indian Muslims want that Kashmir Valley should be made independent.
      13. Muslims kill each other on sectarian basis but Hindus do not fight amongst themselves.  However, they do hate OBCs and Dalits.  Some Hindus even do not consider Dalits to be part of Hindus.
      14. Corruption is prevalent in every part of the world including USA but in India it has assumed such a high proportion that it has made poor people remain poor as benefits of welfare schemes of Govt. do not reach these poor people because of corruption by Babus and politicians.
      15. Sadly enough, Hindus have not learnt the lesson to become casteless.

      If you have any Home Truths, please add them.

      Satbir Singh Bedi

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