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How Indian companies are fooling the country

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    If we look at the balance sheets of several so called top companies in india we find lot of manipulations and cheating the retail investor and plundering money
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2012
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      If we look at the balance sheets of several so called top companies in india we find lot of manipulations and cheating the retail investor and plundering money with financial institutes and insurance companies etc that is again  retail investors money.
      1.After this fraudulent expert and corrupt stooge MM Singh came as PM he started loot and plunder in country both by government and baniyas.Unregulated economy and price mania and rampant corruption by politicians has led to 500% price rise in general items and 12 times in land since 2004 when this corrupt person heading a Sonia led mafia took over as PM.Singh has shown he is not only empty brained,but unethical ,corrupt and agent of MNcs and local baniyas like Ambani.His knowledge of governance and economics is close to zero, he has proved.Only daily price rise,taxation and rampant plunder is going on  and this person shamelessly presidents over as PM.He should be immediately dismissed and put in Tihar jail  till he is tried in open court for treason and mass loot of country and spreading crimes and corruption.The entire pack including Singh are bunch of liars and manipulators. Despite scam after scam they shamelessly shrug shoulders off and continue. Coming back to Indian baniyas
      2.They are importing cheap goods made in China and simply dumping them in market at 100% margin.
      3.The R&D is virtually zero in Indian companies except a few exceptions like TCS.
      Despite claiming as IT super power no one India so far could develop any program like Java or any embedded softwares.Coolies calling themselves super power. Only english speaking is Indian advantage which shall go very soon.
      4.If we look at balance sheets of most of India companies in last 8 years period we find that they have revalued the assets specially land which has been raised artificially by 1200% by connivance of politicians and baniyas.The market capitalisation of third rate small companies have gone up in thousands of crores as if India rupee has become a piasa. These escalated property is misused to further loot money from share markets and banks.
      5.company after company is going in losses and collapsing by siphoning off the artificial wealth created .Glodyne ( A Forbes under billion company), Amtek auto,Tulip and so on.List is endless.the companies have collapsed and hundreds of crores of  citizens money has been looted out and this fellow Singh is blindly  watching or rather not watching. is PM Post  charity post for appointed  candidates and too old and useless to function? is it  a basking place for stooges and impotent retired persons? Same applies to President post where another corrupt and too old guy and puppet has climbed by giving deals to various parties and politician?
      6.Despite computerisation ROC has no control and review of listed companies as well as private companies.they don't file returns, file wrong returns.They do all kinds of breach of law.
      7.leaving apart a few good companies ,large number of Indian Companies are cheats and inefficient bani yas run fraudulent set up who don't show even 50% of  turnover in books.
      8.Take example of Reserves and surplus.If you loo at several companies like Apollo tyre,MRF,ACC and so on, you find they are sitting on even 50 to 100 times the issued capital as reserve but don't issue bonus shares to  have merry time. Not only they treat the equity capital as interest free charity fund by public  and permanent, but also show high EPS so that market price of shares go up and these are offloaded by promoters to mint money.The whole Indian corporate sectors is full of crooks and cheats and manipulators.The quality of Indian companies has gone down  with a few exceptions.
      The share holder gets nothing as wealth is only in papers and in hands of promoters who have gala time like Ambani's building 22 storey houses.It is naked capitalism not see anywhere in world.No controls, no ethics.Shareholder benefits only when bonus shares are  issued.
      The government should fix a limit on the multiplier up to which R&S can be kept in company  over the issued capital.For example 20 times maximum.The P/E ratios of most Indian companies are big fraud with citizens.
      9.The black money of baniyas and politicians is coming a FII investment in India though routes like mauritius with full knowledge of MM Singh.This money is multiplied  by manipulating stock markets in hands of scoundrels as SEBI is a total; failure.Is it possible that any one will punch wrong orders of 800 crores in one go and in 50 scrips at same time? But SEBI gave clean chit.This incident happens every 6 months so as to manipulate markets.
      10 very few companies have  service network and trained staff.Not only they produce  defective goods but fail to do after sales service and warranty calls.It is fee for all in Singh regime.
      It is time people keep out of stock markets and Singh and his associates  including Sonia are arrested and put behind bars for continuous 9 years loot and plunder and mass public fraud in country. Their sins are worse than Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi.If they could be eliminated why not these gaddars also. 20 lac  crore looted by politicians and baniyas in last 8 years have to be recovered. 50,000 crores from Sonia alone.
      The fake gandhis are allowed to be at head of affairs because of 3 reasons
      1. Infighting and corrupt Indian politician specially Hindus.
      2.Using fake Gandhi as brand icon to catch votes
      3.make money under umbrella of Gandhi name plate by scoundrels in Government.
      They are not accepting Sonia just like that and for admiration.
      Congress has to be thrown out from governments everywhere. It is no more a political party.
      This fellow Singh is so much unethical,shameless and corrupt that instead of making RTI and whistleblowers acts stronger he is itching to weaken RTI since last 5  years. All listed companies should also be brought under RTI act.They are fountain of fraud,cheating and tax evasion.They are parties in corruption and loot.
      Persons like Anna,kejriwal or Ramdev should focus their agitation on key elements of misgovernance including police and judicial reforms instead of simply harping on Lokpal and foreign stored money.Money is daily generated.First this has to be sealed.
      Bhartiya Nagrik Adhikar Pravartan Manch
      HO Chandigarh AO Jodhpur
      (Honey President:Prof R K Gupta)
      Come Join The Movement
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