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Manmohan Singh guilty of C-suite capitalism and lootmaar

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    If we review the regime of UPA 1 and UPA 2 we are shocked to see rapid decay of ethics and morality in country and unprecedented and reckless uncontrolled
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2012
      If we review the regime of UPA 1 and UPA 2 we are shocked to see rapid decay of ethics and morality in country and unprecedented and reckless uncontrolled price rise and inflation which has nothing to do with basic principles of economics and political science.
      In fact Manmohan and his  blue eyes boys Chidambaram and earlier the corrupt self seeking mediocre person Mukherjee started an era of brainless capitalism, shareholder terrorism,corporate loot, reckless taxation and  corruption in country.
      Congress as major party in rule has no proper mandate of people of India as votes polled by it are very low.
      The fraudulent expert and stooge man Mohan  has no accountability as he is a appointed PM by caucus of Sonia gang. Sonia herself has not right to be in centre stage of Indian governance as she is neither Indian,nor properly educated nor has any outstanding service record to society in India. her only qualification is  perpetuation of fake Gandhi domination for last 60 years in India by hook or by crook.Obviously it is money,muscles, and compromises of all kinds including anti national activities to benefit powerful mafias seated in west  and internal looters. There is no way such a woman can keep hold on such a diverse and corrupt society like India.,
      The matter is very serious as after 9 years of UPA rule there is rampant corruption rising from a few lacs to few crores in bureaucracy, unchecked loot by contractors and baniyas, C-suite capitalism  with less than 5 lac executives having raised their own salaries and perks by 100 to 1000 times.
      As soon as Singh came he started anti national acts like raising salaries and perks of babus by 3 times, of corporate executives from 10 to 100 times.The idea was to raise a class of corrupt and extra rich persons to buy out the  capitalist goods like luxury cars.The banks were tipped to start pumping money to encourage blind and reckless consumerism in country where 60 crore people did not afford even two times simple bread.
      The government started reckless taxation started by corrupt and dubious chidambaram.
      It seems these bunch of corrupt and arrogant fools are blindly copying the outdated and failed capitalist model of USA to loot the country and benefit MNCs. See how this fellow Manmohan who has no one to answer accept his mistress Sonia is fretting and desperate about FDI entry in retail. that will result in loot and plunder of a 40 lac crore industry without any need and benefits to society.

      Continuous inflation of 25% PA, unchecked corruption and price rise and failing law and order  and on top of it unethical and immoral acts of politics and babus and bani yas is unbelievable. Share market madness and corporate glamor seems to be only thing visible to Singh,Mukherjee,Chidambaram.
      It is time people  of India slow down and come out of American dreams and get rid of these traitors and restore sensible  economy and governance based on common man's welfare, customer value instead of shareholder value and ethics in governance.
      Indians with limited resources and 122 crore population just cannot afford GDP growth rates of
      Hence it is time tha Man Mohan singh is dimissed  and prosecuted in public interest.The reckless consuemrism and capitalism and loot going on in nam eof refroms has to be stopped.India should aim at 6% GDP growth rate only which is manageable and reasonable.
      In fact we are ru7nning below this figurs now.I have been writing sicne last 5 years warning that GDP mania is not good.But  being corrupt and cpaitalist stooges the politcisn created  a euphoria of GDP growth rate.result is for all to see. 25% inflation.12 times property price rise and failure of law and order and more people becoming poor.
      MM singh can see only corporate jets and AC conference rooms and glamor of corrupt baniyas.He is myopic.Any graduate in economics knows more than him.Sonia and manmohan sure deserve severe punishment for anti nationla and anti poor act and sellign out coutnry. More than estimated  10 lac crores have been looted by polticisn in last 8 years. In fact  all political parties have been purchased by capitalist mafia giving them due share in loot. Even crude prices are interantional conspiracy of  capitalist mafia led by USA to loot third world coutnries in connivance with politcians and oil compnay heads. 
      Congress has to be thrown out as this party has promoted only inflation, loot and corruption and casteism in coutnry in last 60 years .Theior sole aim is to keep fake gandhis at top and do loot under their banner.
      Bhartiya Nagrik Adhikar Pravartan Manch
      HO Chandigarh AO Jodhpur
      (Honey President:Prof R K Gupta)
      Come Join The Movement
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