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Torture of Sheila Dikshit – Rowdy NDPL, BRP L & BYPL

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  • Ravinder Singh
    Torture of Sheila Dikshit – Rowdy NDPL, BRPL & BYPL June01, 2012   Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh South Block New Delhi 110011   Rowdy NDPL,
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      Torture of Sheila Dikshit – Rowdy NDPL, BRPL & BYPL

      June01, 2012


      Honorable Prime Minister

      Dr. Manmohan Singh

      South Block

      New Delhi 110011


      Rowdy NDPL, BRPL & BYPL – Supply 30% More

      Tata Power & BSES - Worst Electricity Distribution in World

      India Can Have Un-interrupted Power Supply in 30 Days


      Executive Summary: - When summer heat is at its peak demand in Delhi has crossed 5200MW whereas average annual load is barely 2100MW. When Delhi power system is stressed to its maximum limit, there are long power cuts all over Delhi . Even in this Crisis Rowdy Tata and Ambani Utilities in Delhi are recklessly serving Consumers, Unannounced Load Shedding, Unskilled Staff, Absence of Qualified Supervisors, Supplying High Voltage and High Power Factor Electric Supply, Consumers Had Installed 3000MW Generators, 2000MW Invertors Mostly Inefficient and substandard. Rowdy Delhi utilities Contributes to Break Down of Power Generators and consumer appliances – 20% of the 50,000MW Power Plants are Down For Maintenance.


      Respected Sir,


      When India is passing through Power Crisis – 80 years old Tata Power and BSES power distributors operating in Delhi for 10 years are Maximize Electricity Sales and Delivering Worst Performance. At the time of writing 6:30 PM – at Tail End Supply Voltage is 245V and at 0.985 Power Factor when Supply Voltage ought to be 230V at 0.8 Power Factor. Against 260-280W, BRPL Is Supplying 375W – at least 30% more than required.  At 7:15 bulk rate is 3.88 per unit.


      Ø            At Least 1000MW of Demand is Artificially Generated By Rowdy NDPL. BRPL, BYPL. Regulating supply at 220V and 0.8 PF close to 1500 MW can be reduced.


      Ø             Instead of Regulating 1% of 100KW plus connections who have efficient standby Generator – 100% of the 4 million consumers are subjected Unscheduled Power Cuts - TORTURE. Millions of Generator and Invertors Installed by Tortured Consumers are Very Inefficient.


      Ø            Instead of Regulating 5% of 10KW plus connections with Smart Meters restricting load to 5KW for Domestic Consumers in Summer and Peak hours – all 4 million consumers are subjected to TORTURE.


      This 20% Over Billing And 100% Torture

      Consumers Have To Install Generators and Invertors

      Out of 17.6BU North India Shortage, 5BU Contributed By Delhi

      Released Over 5 Million Tones CO2 More GHG

      Obviously Delhi Can Supply ‘Uninterrupted Power to All’

      I Have Repeatedly Petitioned to PM, MoP, DERC, Lt Gov, CM


      (Above Estimation is Modest – Use of invertors on 24X365 hours always connected basis and inefficient Generators could mean around up to 10 BU Waste.)


      Assuming Delhi has 800 sq.km of land area served by Tata Power and BSES distribution companies holding 51% share – 49% owned by Delhi government – capital expenditure approved just for 11 KV distribution for three DISCOMs in excess of Rs.8000 crores or Rs.10 crores per sq.km is colossal but Delhi continues to have ‘Unpredictable and Deliberate Power Cuts.’


      Sir for more than 10 years I have made repeated ‘Petitions’ to improve quality of service but there Total Neglect by NDPL, BRPL and BYPL.


      In the attached ‘Response to My Petition to Honorable Lt Governor’ BRPL point by point refused to address even a single point.


      When USA and Europeans open shops from 11AM to 6PM and 9AM to 12PM & 3PM to 6PM, - shops in Delhi are open from 8AM to 8PM guzzling power at peak hours because most of the Shopping Areas are now largely converted to Offices.


      NDPL, BRPL and BYPL had given Illegal Connections to Offices From Domestic Feeders. Since they pay higher tariff Offices and Commercial Consumers Are Subjected To Minimum Cuts When They Have Large Efficient Generators. Under the Electricity Regulations All 5Kw Plus Generators are ‘Registered’.


      Instead of ‘Shut Down Supply’ to 100 Generators – Over 10MW load Shedding – Entire Grid Is Switched of By BRPL, BYPL and NDPL. There is Total Darkness But for Invertors-Generators.


      5BU Annual wastage in Delhi can light up entire Rural Bihar is more than Annual Energy Deficit in Eastern Region.


      India Can Have Uninterrupted Power in Most Regions Within 30 Days.


      India can have 10% GDP Growth 2012-13.


      Thank you,




      Ravinder Singh*

      Inventor & Consultant


      Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India .
      Ph; 091-9910693464, 9718280435

      e.mail; ravindersinghy77@..., inventechproj@...,


      Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects.






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