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Stop pampering corrupt Businesses

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  • Prof R K Gupta-India
    Tata is badly shaken by exposure of his Dalal lady in Delhi.Tata is no exception for the country.We should not make heroes out of businessmen who work for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2010
      Tata is badly shaken by exposure of his Dalal lady in Delhi.Tata is no exception for the country.We should not make heroes out of businessmen who work for their own ambition and dont oblige the nation.They are not doing business for charity.Tata has been operating in same foul environment of India for last 60 years so how they can remain angels.I dont give bribe directly but through agents.I have been senior executives in several top brands in India.These companies have been doing the same drama.WE wont pay anything as we have to book all expenses.So let us hire marketing agency and these so called pimps named corporate relations agencies.The truth behind how organizations function in world every one connected to industry knows.The way of doing things are different.Government has all the right to tap the phones and put detectives behind suspected people of tax evasion, manipulations of licenses,bribery and other bad practices.You cant question the sovereign right of a federal government.

      Why any one should fear pf such action? If I am honest and law abiding.All these excuses of breach of privacy is nonsense.
      In fact all listed companies and those companies who avail loan more than rs 500 crores from any Mutual fund oir bank or other public subscribed financing agencies or any foreign agencies must come under RTI ACT.

      Same stupid argument is given by corrupt journalists and experts in lavasa matter.Crime when detected is crime.Delay does not mean crime is mitigated.responsibility to get required clearances is of entrepreneur.Whenever government will come to know of a breach they will get into action.
      How does it matter if building has been made in Mumbai? It has to be broken if it violated zoning laws.Same way it does not matter if 1000 people,bought flats.The owner of scheme is liable to pay them refund and damages.

      In India we have no accountability of anybody.Industrialist,judges,police and babudom.All are making mockery of constitution and busy in manipulations and loot

      WE should appreciate the actions against Nadia And lavasa both

      Corrupt and greedy politicians who are getting troubled should be brushed off.

      Of all the people a self seeking,greedy,opportunist like Sharad pawar coming to Tata's' side is not unexpected.,he can stoop down to anything.Every one knows how ethical he is.he is a jugaru and opportunist politician in the country and needs to be retired now.Every one knows how much wealth he has amassed.He wants to be every one from Chairman of censure board to ICC chief to centre minister to chief minister.As if India is full of idiots except him.With such people occupying various positions no wonder India is going down the drain.Sharad pawar is main person responsible for crisis in food prices and bad condition of agriculture in India,political bribery and corruption.He is one of the main culprits.People should throw him out and also start action against him to recover ill gotten huge wealth.

      We appreciate tough stand taken by Jairam Ramesh and people of India are with him.We dont want any corporate growth at cost of sustainability and environmental damage.We want restoration of public morality,ethics and law and order in country.
      Today under this fraudulent expert , it is laissez faire state. People hardly know that majority of bank finance and concessiosn are cornered by these organised networs and their employment generating capacity is very low vis a vis capital they block in country.

      As regards the threats by Tata and others that corporates wont invest.They are welcome to quit and go to other countries ot invest.Let us see which countries allows their third rate working and all kinds of manipulations and breaking laws. Majority of India companies are too small, nondescript and third rate.Most of them are greedy and profiteers with poor quality and customer service.

      We repeat all listed companies and also those organisations who avail funding more than Rs 500 crores from any bank,public subscribed fund,a foreign funds should come under RTI ACT.

      Peopel like Tata,Ambani,Amitabh Bachhan or MM Singh and Sonia dont have anything called private life and privacy.They have to be under scanner of government agencies,media and public fans.Or else they should leave the postions of prominance and limelight.

      One of reasons for rampant corruption in country is poor surveillance and monitoring of babus,politicians and police organisations.

      An IAS officer in Delhi who was recently trapped was soliciting sexual favors besdies bribes for clearing files.You cant say I will go to a five star hotel and have sex with a call girl arranged by an industry and that comes under my right of privacy.Nonsense.

      Prof R K Gupta
      Indian FORCE
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