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Re: Kargil, Bofors and BJP

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  • nigamrc
    It is no secret that there was a secret deal as commission paid to the tune of 64 corores (650 corores in today s valuation). Ex director CBI, Mr Joginder says
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2009
      It is no secret that there was a secret deal as commission paid to the tune of 64 corores (650 corores in today's valuation). Ex director CBI, Mr Joginder says that there were ample evidences against OQ-the Italian friend of Italian lady Mrs Sonia.
      My learned friend has, conveniently, mixed the issue with the quality of the BOFORS and the folly of BJP, forgetting the role played by Mr Solanki and the relief given to OQ from time to time by allowing him to escape from India, defreezing his A/c and now removing his name from the list of wanted fugitives.
      It is true that public memory is short but not so short as the learned friend appears to think. The stinking character of those who allowed OQ to go scot free shall be forgotten by the nation, as it has of those who brought the misery by succumbing to the communal demand of Pakistan and later created Kashmir embraglio or brought shameful debacle in 62.
      I am thankful to God that the learned analyst did not attribute the invasions during meadiveal times, partition of India, invasion on Kashmir and the wars of 65, 71 to the atomic explosions of 1998.

      --- In India-Force@yahoogroups.com, Ravinder Singh <progressindia008@...> wrote:
      > Kargil, Bofors and BJP
      > Bofors had already helped BJP to power at centre on two occasions, first in 1989 when wooden Bofors were hauled through streets and again in 1999 when Bofors were used by BJP led government in Kargil War.
      > BJP failed to notice infiltration going on for many months that led to serious conflict.
      > Earlier it exploded nuclear bombs that invited sanctions from global Community.
      > Kargil war of 1999 saw extensive deployment of Bofors guns that was main weapon to knock out enemy entrenched in high altitude bunkers. 
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kargil_War
      > During the 1990s, however, escalating tensions and conflict due to separatist activities in Kashmir, some of which were supported by Pakistan, as well as the conducting of nuclear tests by both countries in 1998, led to an increasingly belligerent atmosphere. In an attempt to defuse the situation, both countries signed the Lahore Declaration in February 1999, promising to provide a peaceful and bilateral solution to the Kashmir conflict.
      > During the winter of 1998 -1999, some elements of the Military of Pakistan were covertly training and sending Pakistani troops and paramilitary forces, some allegedly in the guise of mujahideen, into territory on the Indian side of the LOC. The infiltration was code named "Operation Badr"; its aim was to sever the link between Kashmir and Ladakh, and cause Indian forces to withdraw from the Siachen Glacier, thus forcing India to negotiate a settlement of the broader Kashmir dispute.
      > Ravinder Singh
      > April30, 2009
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