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Re: Economic gloom: India was never looted so badly

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  • seculartraitor
    Dr MMS and Chidambaram are the biggest looters of India. They joined hands with India INC to loot Indians through Share Market. They formed partnership with
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2009
      Dr MMS and Chidambaram are the biggest looters of India. They joined
      hands with India INC to loot Indians through Share Market. They
      formed partnership with real estate developers to loot Indians. All
      Indian PSU including RBI are bankrupt. India is a bankrupt nation and
      so called figures of GDP etc are eye wash. All constitutional watch
      dog including CAG, Courts, president and media have joined hands with
      UPA to loot people. Entire Indian INC is SATYAM and Dr MMS is grand
      father of all Rajus.

      --- In India-Force@yahoogroups.com, Ravinder Singh
      <progressindia008@...> wrote:
      > Economic gloom: India was never looted so badly
      > Dear Sanjay,
      > It is more than five years since I first interacted with you.
      Barring some full stop here or there I don’t see any change in your
      > We as humans learn from every news every experience I wonder how
      you never seems to learn.
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzuki_Alto
      > Corporate didn’t develop any significant technology. Even Nano
      was four decades behind small cars already introduced in Japan. Alto
      was first introduced in 1971 with 543 CC engine.
      > Everyone in society has to co-operate for economic progress but
      when there are Corporate who learn more ways to SWINDLE India every
      day we are heading for bad times.
      > Your favorites have not developed a single technology- even Nano is
      a hoax planted by Tata. Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki all started
      with small cars with 550 CC engines around 1970.
      > It was foolish of you to believe “neta babu steal for
      businessmen”. Neta Babus were actually conned in to supporting all
      their Illegal Demands. NDA allowed them to raise the holdings in
      companies from 10% to 30% and common shareholding was reduced to 10%,
      NDA didn’t recognize IPR of millions of our engineers, they
      demanded “Incentives” to make Underwear Technologies, they
      demanded lower taxes, they wanted Cheap Credit, NDA obliged. Under
      UPA they demanded 500 SEZs almost free of cost GOI obliged, they
      wanted Free Trade Agreements, they demanded “MONEY” to take over
      companies five times their own size - Corus & JLR and other foreign
      companies UPA obliged.  
      > Give a loan of Rs.1 lac to a farmer to install a tube-well, in six
      months his income go up by Rs.2 lac per year (Productivity Doubles).
      You give $20b to Tata he will make India poorer by $40b in say 20
      > When coal requirement of UMPP is 12MT per year they demand three
      Coal mines with 1000 MT reserves â€" government obliges. 
      > They demand to replace meters every three years, government
      obliges, they demand Rs.8000 crores in six years for 80% of Delhi as
      capital expenditure that may be 5 times more than last 40 years
      government obliges â€" but power shortages remain.
      > Tariff in Mumbai were increased 50% in 1997 but TPC continues to
      operate 40 years old oil fired units.
      > Mukesh refuses to supply CNG to NTPC â€" a licensee behaves like
      Owners of national asset.
      > R.K Gupta had put all the blame at the doorsteps of UPA but the
      Monsters Ambanis & Tatas and others were creations of NDA. There is
      very little UPA can do to rein in them. Judiciary in KG gas case has
      failed to direct RIL to honor contract it concluded with NTPC.
      > Ravinder Singh
      > February24, 2009
      > "Sanjay Jadhav" sanjayjadhav1999@...
      > Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:57 am (PST)
      > Re: Economic gloom: India was never looted so badly
      > Dear Mr. Arvind Amin,
      > Why would the neta babu steal for businessmen? They can as well
      steal for themselves. If government brings licence Raj and keeps
      businessmen waiting for licence, electricity, telephone for 12 years
      to single year, do you want to say that businessmen have bribed them
      for it? Bribe paying person is victim and not co-conspirator.
      > (a) If government thinks that presence of private businessmen in
      Steel, aluminium, coal, electricity telephone is bad for the society,
      and then passes ID&R Act 1951, government ought to share the blame
      for its outcome. Capitalism or bribe paying businessmen has nothing
      to do with shortage, exploitation.
      > If Government thinks that it is in best position for creating jobs
      through government offices and 100s of PSUs, what businessmen can do
      except waiting 45 years for government to change its mind?
      > If 90% of the PSU installed or nationalized through taxpayers
      money is falling apart after 30 years cycle, we must accept that they
      were nationalized, monopolized, created for dubious justifications.
      At least government was unfit to that job. If the public money is
      going down the drain right under the nose of neta babu, how
      businessmen is responsible. Wishing the PSUs to fail can not be
      > If oil exploration is reserved for public sector for 45 years,
      India has to import 75% of the Crude in 2008 at $130 barrel,
      government alone has to share the blame.
      > (b) Government monopolized the education , health services and
      robbed the tax payers for investing in these government monopolies,
      and dished out unfit education and health services, how profit
      chasing businessmen are responsible for it. India has been conducting
      census every 10 years. Based on age wise report of 1951, 1961, 1971,
      in each district, one can easily predict the demand of education
      facilities health facilities, employment, food. If the government -
      particularly when private sector is legally prevented / incapacitated
      from making factories or producing jobs - fails plan education
      health employment, how businessmen are responsible for it?
      > (c) Government passes laws for monopsony of Ghaziabad Development
      authorities, Noida, Greater Noida, HUDA, DDA. Then creates shortages
      of houses, then exploits the common citizens by such scarcity for
      corruption and high price. How the businessmen becomes co-
      conspirator, except as post mortem doctor.
      > (d) India did not have capitalism till 1991 AD. Thereafter wherever
      free play of the market, necessarily armed by proper policies, was
      allowed, we have seen productivity improvement, improvement of
      quality/ service and also wealth creation. e.g. telecom, cable TV,
      software, garments.
      > (e) I will admit that businessmen had been paying the bribe to neta
      babus. But do you want to suggest that they paid the bribe for
      nationalization of Air India, 100s of insurance Companies, banking
      Companies, textile Companies, coal Companies, railways Companies,
      Hindustan Aeronautics, Vizagapattanam Shipyard, Cycle
      Companies, 100s of electricity Companies, 100s of Jute Companies,
      etc.? Keeping in mind the problems of private Companies, their
      callousness, their incompetence, funding problems, harrassment of the
      consumers, nobody will pay bribe to the neta babu for surrendering
      their Company to government.
      > (f) Government have installed many dubious schemes like government
      funded cooperative sugar factories, milk schemes, NAFED, Agriculture
      produce marketing Committees for so called public interests, with
      shaky justifications. The schemes were supposed to be with
      participation of the weaker sections and with taxpayers money. If
      every one of this failing draining Croes of rupees in drain, how
      businessmen is responsible for this?
      > Will they pay bribe to government, for passing restrictive business
      laws (Industrial Development and Regulation act, 1951, MRTP Act 1968,
      FERA Act? Please think as business executive or businessmen. Do not
      think like journalist or school teacher.
      > Regards
      > Sanjay Jadhav
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