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Why India is Poor – Million NR

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  • Ravinder Singh
    Why India is Poor – Million NR Dear Naubat Rai, I don’t know which company you worked for but let me I have offered technology to it. I topped competitions
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2008
      Why India is Poor – Million NR
      Dear Naubat Rai,
      I don’t know which company you worked for but let me I have offered technology to it. I topped competitions for these companies even when I was 19-25 years old. I knew you must be doing Liaison Work for you were needlessly Saluting a politician almost every day that I rate as mediocre and manipulator.
      Even in Liaison Work you are left behind – politicians are basically Liaison Worker own big businesses and are ministers.
      India is poor because million people of Naubat Rai’s caliber have clogged GOI functioning who believe they run the government and economy. They mostly take credits for work done by their Clerks.
      They misplace files until applicants come up and bribe them.
      Even after producing a document after 12 moths largely with the help of subordinates they don’t its content.
      Members of our groups had the unique privilege to see the vital information extracted from scores of documents in a matter of 3-4 hours and post it in groups.
      Ravinder Singh
      May30, 2008
      Posted by: "Naubat Rai" naubatrai_08@...  
      Thu May 29, 2008 11:57 am (PDT)
      Dear Mr R.Singh,

      I am not innocent instead you are.

      I know the working of these industrialist because I had been an Administrative Officer and a Liaison Officer and worked under so many portfolios coming out with flying colors.

      I beg pardon from members. This note came before me too late almost after 18 months when I am reading it and so replying.

      I am still of the view, after going thru all what Mr R. Singh wrote and strengthen to say that he knows nothing of the working of an Industrialist except a criticism without any regard in choosing the respected words. May be that he is not from a good family or he has reared in a bad atmosphere.

      The whole axle on which whole points evolve is nothing but "Corruption'.

      I can urge to Mr R. Singh to concentrate only on this point when dealing with
      Industrialists and Business?

      Anyway, bring out your mud which is in your mind so that at least I can try to wash up but can never reveal the latent secrets?


      R Singh <corruptionfree04@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Dubious Definition Of Indian Industrialist

      Naubat Rai has innocently raked a very important issue of “Being An Industrialist”

      Baring some exceptions, Indian industry is basically assembly of thugs and cheats who bribed at every step to corrupt the government, sought protection against competition, denied patent protection to Indians, infringed IPR of others, exploited labor and farmers, polluted air, rivers and ground water, blackmail the government, hired goondas, kept duplicate books, evaded taxes, under declared sales, appointed their own relations as distributors, rigged stock market, owned benami shares and agents and operated clandestine companies.

      >>> DLF gave Rs. 1 lakh to poor farmers to buy their land for Rs.20 lakh per acre (4840 sq.yd or 4000 sq.mt) and paid the balance in installments but sold the same land for residential and commercial use at Rs. 50,000/- and Rs.1,00,000 per sq.yd respectively.

      Obviously Naubat Rai is delighted with this accomplishment.

      >>> Ambanis corruption has made Indian government Impotent.

      >>> Had Naubat Rai worked inside of any of Indian companies than at the gate, he would have known these things.

      >>> Had Naubat Rai worked in some government department he would know that even for work order of Rs.10,000 to open blocked sewer line, three quotations are required and detailed work order is given. But Ambanis are allowed 25,000 acres of public and private land without any bidding, without any Project Report and it was reported it will prepare the project report in two
      months from now.

      Most irresponsible and foolish is his notion of failure.

      >>> Over 4-5 million Indian engineers were denied “Utility Patent” IPR protection which is available in all developed countries except US, Canada and UK , simply because couple of “Commission Agents’´ didn’t want it.

      >>> Not only that India didn’t join “Paris Convention” that would have allow Indians to get patents in all industrial countries. In 2000, India was in last countries to join Paris Convention.

      At FICCI seminar on IPR around 1994, industry unanimously approved improved new patent regime and joining Paris Convention, Rahul Bajaj went back to Bombay and formed Mumbai club and threatened the incumbent government by with holding “Donations” etc and blackmailed it in to denying “Patents” to Indian engineers.

      100% of Indians are successful in USA , Indian engineers are contributing in the development of world’s most critical technologies but Indian companies, even Telco in automotive business for 40 years hire foreign consultants for auto design and collaborate with Cummins for engines.

      Loot is going on massive scale because some people feel it to be healthy for economy to have thugs like Ambani and Co.

      My friend got patent in 10 years from the day he applied for a patent explaining his invention in detail, Amanis just two months to get SEZ clearances and 25,000 acres project even without “Detailed Project Report”

      How many people will want to and qualify to be an industrialist by Indian definition?

      Ravinder Singh

      From: Naubat Rai <naubatrai_08@ yahoo.com>
      Date: Wed Jun 21, 2006 3:10am
      Subject: Re: [Branded Indian] DLF’s 1372 Acres = Rs.1,06,000 crores--

      Dear friends,

      If you get the taste of being an industrialist - you all will aspire to get ahead every where, in every possible field.

      Only the point is get success in your manovre.

      Those who crticize are a big failure. They can be hired by industrialist.

      You know what is been called to a 'hired person'

      So, just read for the sense of only gaining knowledge.



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