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QA--Hussain 'n' Sick-o-liars

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    QA--Hussain n Sick-o-liars 1) Sick-o-liars claim Hussain is India s Picasso .Is that true ? ans 1: Close.He is India s Pishacha-o . 2)What does Hanuman
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2007
      QA--Hussain 'n' Sick-o-liars

      1) Sick-o-liars claim Hussain is India's Picasso .Is that true ?

      ans 1: Close.He is India's Pishacha-o .

      2)What does Hanuman chalisa say on pishcha'es?

      ans2: Bhoot Pishcha nikat nahi aavey.....

      3) Sick-o-liars always give lecture on the hindu ethos--so can you tell
      us something about the ethos of Ramayana-can we reasonably conclude from
      it that Sita Ma will hop on nude, onto a nude Lord Hanuman's tail.

      ans 3: no of course not.

      Is there any temple showing Sita or Hanuman in nude""

      Ans: None.

      4)So why does Hussain depict her such?

      ans 4:well one reason he's "minority community" --he can do to the
      majority community as he pleases.

      5)But should'nt there be any consideration for hindu sentiments?

      ans 5:have you come from andromeda galaxy? What are Hindu sentiments

      6)Are Sick-o-liars happy with hussains depiction?

      ans 6: Of course. Are they not always delighted when hindu goddesses are

      7) How can Sick-o-liars justify such vileness?

      ans 7: they say, an artist should have freedom of expression. Anyway,
      what is vileness in saying the vilest about Hindu deities??

      8) Oh! in that case they must also have supported the artists of Danish

      ans 8: Are you sick in mind??

      9) and they must have called christians narrow minded bigots when "Da
      Vinci Code" was banned ?

      ans 9: no i know for a fact that Sick-o-liars have reserved that epithet
      for hindus....

      10) and they must have raised a hue and cry when christians managed to
      ban discovery programme on christs tomb?

      ans 10: no in fact they issued a temporary fatwa on "hue and cry".

      11) and they must have sided with salman rushdie when

      ans 11: will you please stop! are you on autopilot?

      12)why? you just said that they are committed to artistic freedom of

      ans 12:yes ,but that is only when the artist is insulting hindu
      traditions.God !you ask such basic questions.

      13)you mean to say that Sick-o-liars will not depict the minority muslim
      prophet as nude or otherwise?

      ans 13: bingot I just told you what their reaction was to the danish

      14)Don't they have any consideration for.....

      ans 14:of course they do --but do you know we have reservtion policy in
      our country?

      15) yes, but what has that got to do with ...

      ans 15: Sick-o-liar consideration is reserved for muslim sentiments.

      16) Hussain has also painted other people ,right?

      ans 16: correct--he has painted his daughter and mother.

      17) So did he paint them in the nude?

      ans 17:no ,don't you still get the picture andromedian ?--he singles
      out hindu gods/esses for that special treatment...

      18)you say treatment.is that like a treat?

      ans 18: yes it is ---but only for a Sick-o-liar.they enjoy hindu/ism

      19)does'nt hussain ever get any inspiration from his own koranic
      landscape--for eg to show the prophet in a relationship with 5yr old

      ans 19: no, although he is muslim he gets inspired only by hindu

      20) is he scared of muslim wrath?

      ans 20: arn't most? why single him out?

      21)but isn't such selective support of "freedom of expression" hypocracy

      ans 21:Congratulations you are now proud graduate from the school of
      "blatantly obvious".hypocracy is middle name of Sick-o-liars and
      muslims.well done!and welcome to milky way......
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