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  • Rabinder Koul
    Jan 21, 2014
      Please read four steps to power by E-Raw agent who was investigating Indira and Rajeev Gandhi murder cases. And how the investigation was scuttled.

      Ravindra Koul
      अस्मद्रूपसमाविष्ठ: स्वात्मनात्मानिवारणे 
      शिव: करोतु निजया नम: शक्त्या ततात्मने 

      On Jan 21, 2014, at 1:01 PM, Jai Raj Yadav <yadavjr@...> wrote:


      Sanjay Gandhi was Indira's favorite son being groomed to take her position in politics and naturally his wife Menaka Gandhi favorite. Rajeev was not keen in politics.

      Death of Sanjay changed all.

      Which document are you quoting about your conjecture ?
      Jairaj Yadav

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      Mr Koul In fact converse is the case. Sonia Gandhi was Indra Gandhi's favourite daughter in law and enjoyed her trust immensely while Moneka Gandhi was not so close to Indra. In fact, after her husband's death she moved out of the house and denied Mrs Gandhi  access to her grandson Varun Gandhi. Mrs Gandhi had to move the court to gain access to her grandchild. There was no such reported incident in her relationship with Sonia Gandhi.  Devinder 
      From: Ramakrishna Chitrapu <rkchitrapu@...>
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      Subject: RE: [Janshakti] Fw: Khobragade Maid-gate
      Do you now?

      Beta Tester Badge 3  " A discussion should be a genuine attempt to explore a subject rather than
      a battle between competing egos" from my archives
      CC: RavindraKKoul@... From: ravindrakkoul@... To: Janshakti@yahoogroups.com Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 02:55:47 -0500 Subject: Re: [Janshakti] Fw: Khobragade Maid-gate 
      Well, When Rajiv married Sonia, and lived in PM house, what do you think was going on. I believe there are rumors that Indira did not trust Sonia.
      Ravindra Koul
      अस्मद्रूपसमाविष्ठ: स्वात्मनात्मानिवारणे 
      शिव: करोतु निजया नम: शक्त्या ततात्मने 

      On Jan 21, 2014, at 2:14 AM, Bhalchandra Thattey <bgthattey@...> wrote:

      Are they using her expertise in making fraudulent documents?
      Bhalchandra G. Thattey
      Shubham Bhavatu
      Maitri, Karuna, Mudita, Upeksha
      On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 5:56 PM, Satish Oberoi <oberoi50@...> wrote:

      It is strange that Khobragade was on an important and sensitive assignment and staying with her husband who is an American citizen. 

      Surely there are no rules for those close to Indian politicians.


        More on Khobragade!!!
      Phew! At last it is over! Or is it?
      Former diplomat Bhadrakumar would like us to to think so. See his article:
      Nobody is asking or answering the basic question: what was this woman still doing
      in the IFS and that too on a sensitive post when she was married to a foreigner? She
      should have resigned or been sacked. Is there a separate set of rules for her?
      Deviyani's lawyer says she left the USA "with her head held high" but he forgot to 
      mention her tail is between her legs!. What a joke! She is now a fugitive from the 
      law because she invoked diplomatic immunity. 
      The lady(?) herself comes across as a manipulative, exploitative "memsa'ab" who is a
      spoilt brat of an indulgent and immoral father who himself belongs to the "creamy layer" 
      of the privileged SC/ST/OBC class and used his clout to make ill-gotten gains for himself 
      and his daughters. Even in  retirement he has used his closeness to the Home Minister
       (Sushil Shinde), whose chamcha he was as CM of Maharashtra, to hound the maid 
      Sangeeta's family and relatives and now the entire US diplomatic and consular corps in 
      It now emerges that she was never handcuffed, stripped or cavity searched - she made it all up. This
      would have come out at the hearing and that is why she wanted to avoid an appearance in court.
      Also the maid fled her house only after she was refused money to fly back back to India and her 
      passport was confiscated by DK.
      The MEA and the GOI are the ones with  egg on their face for sure for behaving like a spoilt 
      petulant brat and not a mature democracy - closing down beauty parlours and snack bars that
      have existed in the US Embassy for years and stopping the screening of movies. They have 
      gone to the ridiculous extent of preventing traffic wardens at the zebra crossing helping school
      children of the American School cross the road safely and arresting embassy drivers for silly
      offences. And now a retaliatory expulsion of an American diplomat! Something they dare not 
      do to the Pakistanis and Chinese in the face of gravest provocation - like beheading of soldiers
       by Pakistan and capturing cameras by China.
       "International law requires that law enforcement authorities of the United States extend certain privileges and immunities to members of foreign diplomatic missions and consular posts. The purpose of these privileges and immunities is not to benefit individuals but to ensure the efficient and effective performance of their official missions on behalf of their governments. Most of these privileges and immunities are not absolute, and law enforcement officers retain their fundamental responsibility to protect and police the orderly conduct of persons in the United States." The key phrase being the last sentence, it's not absolute, so everyone can stop whining about diplomatic immunity now. 
      The extended holiday for Christmas when America shuts down has given adequate
      time for people to dig up the dirt on Devyani Khorbagade. A sampling is contained
      in the following paras. While it does make interesting reading it also reveals the
      filthy underside of the IAS/IFS community which seems to lack morals and morality
      totally. It will all certainly provide grist for Preet Bharara's mill on whom the GOI has 
      brought all the big guns (Shashi Tharoor, Parthasarathy, etc) and trained them on the 
      poor maid - and even marshalled the paid media to besmirch her reputation. Ajai Shukla
      held his end up very well on the NDTV talk show and proved the IFS bureacrats only want to
      protect their kind and their nefarious activities which has now been exposed. One ex-RAW
      agent has even written reams about her being a CIA agent planted in  Devyani's household 
      The CIA has reached a new low if they have to recruit ayahs and cooks as spies. She must 
      have stolen Daviyani's secret recipe for puran poli or vada-pav. Sandhya Jain thinks it is a 
      crime against the nation that her parents and relatives are working as domestics in embassies
      around Chanakyapuri. The family was whisked away because Bharara being an Indian himself 
      knew they would be harassed by the GOI in order to get the maid back or to back down. The 
      home minister Shinde a gaowala and fellow crook used his clout in the capital to ensure that as 
      well as harass all those employed in the US embassy. Anything is possible in a country where 
      the government cocks a snook at the Supreme Court and can actually think of passing a law in 
      Parliament permitting criminal politicians (political criminals?) in parliament and let scam tainted 
      bureaucrats get off scot-free - or appoint them as CVC or CEC.
      Think about this................ 1. She is all of 39 years old, which means she was born in 1974. Assuming a 3 year pre-school, 2 year kindergarten, and 10 year
      schooling would take her till 1989 to pass out. Then two years of college, would mean 1991, to get admitted to medical school, which is a 5 and a half year course, if you do the compulsory internship. that takes it to 1997. If you're now wondering where this is headed, hang on one more bit of information, she was a 1999 batch pass out of the IFS, meaning she joined it 1996, assuming she gave her final MBBS and the UPSC entrance one after the other, in 1996. And thus she would not have done her compulsory internship and probably not even had to pay the 1 cr bond that all medical students are forced to pay.
      Conclusion: This woman is probably not a doctor or for that matter even an actual IFS Pass-Out. This was Aditya Shastri's research. 2. She paid Rs 11.8 crores for her flat at Adarsh which she wasn't eligible to buy. And of course there are more land scams alreadypublished. This is now a known fact. The father Uttam Khobragade has been involved in every possible scam on earth from BEST Land Scams, the Cadbury ban because of worms (likely an extortion racket), the Adarsh Land Scam, the KingLong Bus Scam, the Diversion of Rs 34 crores in Tribal Welfare, etc etc. There is little doubt that the family is far from illustrious.(MoneyLife.in)3. This is my addition courtesy google: What we don't question is why this lady is posted in NY with her two kids, and why her husband is nowhere in the picture while all this drama is happening. Now it turns out that her husband is someone who she met in Germany and is a Professor of Philosophy in Rome. There is no mention of Prakash Singh Rathore on the internet, any language. The husband has not made an appearance even once, and is in all likelihood, absconding.
      What muddles this more is that Devyani had two postings in Pakistan, one in 2005 and another in 2008. Posting her in NY obviously had some agenda and its likely she was doing something to damage the interests of the US. This maid scam is most likely a "smoke and  mirror' front to not reveal what the actual case is.
      Halkat Swami (Varanasi)
      Indian Indian Embassy in America Paid $75,000 Fine for Underpaying Household Help last Year ------------------- The Indian taxpayer picked up $75,000 tab for deal between another diplomat and his maid last year. A complaint of a similar nature against another Indian diplomat by his maid two years ago in New York had resulted in an out-of-court settlement, with the government of India footing the bill. In December 2012, the Ministry of Finance approved the payment of $75,000 from the budget of the Ministry of External Affairs to a "former domestic assistant" who had filed a lawsuit against India's consul-general in New York, Prabhu Dayal, alleging inhuman treatment. The maid, Santosh Bhardwaj, filed a lawsuit in June 2011, accusing Dayal of sexual harassment and demanding a massage from her in January 2010. The complainant accused Dayal and his wife of making her work for long hours for $300 a month, taking away her passport, and forcing her to sleep in a storage closet. Bhardwaj demanded over $250,000 in damages and relief, but subsequently withdrew her charge of sexual harassment against the consul-general. GOOGLE IT AND READ MORE.................. Please see:
      From whatever I came to know about this lady, she has NOT been brought-up right. She has always used wrong methods it looks. Power enjoyed by parents (mind you father was an IAS officer, meaning has lot of contacts) might have spoilt her and made the lady what she is today. Because some of her classmates in MBBS have said she used to skip classes and lie openly. Also, she had faked sickness for some of the lab-work while enjoying holiday or trip with parents. May be 'not getting caught' in many mis-adventures might have given extra teeth. Unfortunately, someday they get caught. May be it was NOT her day. If not in US, she might have got caught in middle-east or Singapore where she would have got harsher physical punishment. That is, not that US is right, but someday these do get exposed.
      THE MOMENT DECISION WAS MADE TO ARREST DEVYANI : This case boils down to one final terrible decision the Indian government made that left the US government no choice . Namely , it instructed the IFS to offer to pay $ 30 ,000 in wages owed and to pay for a return flight ticket for Sangeeta . It refused , however , to issue her a new passport and had already engineered a non-bailable arrest for her the second she left the airplane . What fool would accept that " deal " ? This all took place in the office of Sangeeta's attorney ( an officer of the court ) in front of witnesses . The "check" for $30 ,000 would have bounced ( been worthless ) and Sangeeta would have languished in jail for months or years . What a cruel and spiteful plot by the government to punish an innocent lady for speaking out about her mistreatment . The Indian government was given numerous opportunities to extract itself from the mess it created but chose to wickedly punish this poor woman and her family . Devyani must face the music as should those who stupidly and arrogantly instructed her .
      Why should someone of a high level get special treatment? She is a criminal. What about the treatment of the employee? To pursue her family on non-bailable charges of blackmail and harassment because she asked for back pay she was due? To enlist corrupt police and judges to intimidate her family? This is wrong. All Indians know the rich and powerful can get away with crimes against the poor, enlisting police and judges if need be to support their scams. The wrong here is committed by the higher person. India should acknowledge it does not have equality before the law. This kind of lawlessness by diplomats representing our country must be punished.
      Uttam Khobragade was in thick of Adarsh scam. According to CBI report Uttam used higher FSI than permitted by allegedly transferring an adjoining plot reserved for a BEST bus depot to Adarsh CHS. In reward for "such services" Uttam and Devyani got a flat each in Adarsh Society. Each flat is worth at least 4 crore rupees. This is not all. Uttam Khobragade sanctioned King Long buses along with Vilasrao Deshmukh. How much they made from that deal no one knows yet. But Indian taxpayers are bearing the burden. The buses are fitted locally, are of poor quality, break down frequently. Government spent a bomb on buying them and now is forever repairing them. Uttam has been BEST General Manager, FDA Commissioner, MHADA CEO and suburban Mumbai collector. All of these positions fetch high commissions / kickbacks. Now he is trying to get into Rajyasabha. 
      Such people abuse India and Indians with their corruption, but claim to represent India. They rake up India's pride, speak blatant lies, just to go free. If such behavior is not called manipulative, exploitative, criminal, I do not know what else it is called. Devyani is no less. Please see reuters report with full timeline. On 14 Nov 2012 Devyani signed contract with Sangita Richard for 9.75 US dollars an hour for 40 hours work per week. This is what Richard agreed to work for. But shortly before Richard departed for US, Devyani made an electronically edited contract according to which Richard is given 25,000 rupees a month, with an additional 5,000 rupees a month for overtime, for a maximum monthly salary of that "will not exceed 30,000 rupees," according to court documents. Moreover documents makes no mention of maximum or minimum hours per week. Since this is done at last minute, Richard has no choice but to go ahead and work at Devyani's house. The maid was allowed to sleep just 5 hours a day, overworked, and not really treated well (opposite of what Devyani's sister claims). She ran away. Rest is what we know. In the theft issue, Devyani's husband Aakash Singh and New York police give different accounts of what happened next. Singh filed report that Richard had stolen property from his home, for which he asked for a grand larceny complaint, but he could not identify the missing items. A police officer asked Singh to provide a list of missing items and their monetary value, explaining that grand larceny complaints require itemized documentation of at least $1000 worth of property. Police say Singh never returned and didn't respond to a follow-up call. Both Devyani and her husband knew all the while they wronged the maid. They knew they wud be jailed. So all this drama of filing cases against her in US and in India. Sadly they have been manipulative and exploitative indeed.
      And the most amusing: Indian diplomats in the US are now scrambling at breakneck speed to pay their maids the thousands of dollars owed them and are showering their relatives back home with iPhones so that all will remain mum about past abuses and law breaking . All of this newly received money will now be spent in New York City by maids who hitherto could only dream about going to a movie or buying a new pair of shoes . NO MATTER HOW WE FEEL ABOUT DEVYANI WE MUST THANK HER FOR HER POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD'S ECONOMIC TROUBLES .

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