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23697International Day of Older Persons

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  • satbir singh
    Sep 30, 2013
      Today, the 1st October is the International Day of Older Persons. The Day is celebrated to ensure care, respect and honour for the elderly persons.  Those above 60 years of age are considered to be elderly persons or Senior Citizens in India.  I am 68 years of age and thus is an elderly persons. While I am generally shown respect, I am not being given enough care. I am suffering from depression, anxiety, heart problems, osteo-arthritis and Osteo-phytes.  I have to visit frequently Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and C.G.H.S dispensary in Shalimar Bagh for seeking medical care but nobody is there to accompany me because my son who is a software engineer in a private firm does not get any time to attend to me.  Similarly, my daughter-in-law is a Steno in an autonomous Institutions and cannot take me to the Hospital or the Dispensary. My wife who is 66 years of age also comes in the category of elderly persons and cannot help me much.  She is also a patient of diabetes and migraine and needs to go to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and C.G.H.S. dispensary in Shalimar Bagh for her medical care but there is also nobody to take care of her as my son and my daughter-in-law are never available to attend to us.

      This day is also observed to ensure safety and security of the older persons. However, everybody is so busy that there is nobody in Delhi and other metropolitan cities to even help the older persons like me and my wife cross the busy roads.  In our house, after my son and my daughter-in-law leave for office by nine A.M., there is nobody to look after our security and safety. We have to fend for ourselves.  The doors also cannot be kept closed always.  So, there is always a feeling of insecurity.  Then our son and daughter-in-law live on the ground floor and we live on the first floor.  Naturally at our age we cannot get down to purchase various things but we have per force to do that.  My daughter-in-law cannot contribute to the management of the house and so my wife at such an advanced age has to cook food for herself and me and manage the house with the help of a part-time maid.  This is my experience. What is your experience.