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  • Jai Raj Yadav
    Sep 29, 2013
       Manmohan is a fraudia economist and zero in governance.This  he has proved in last 9 years of conduct and performance.He is a self seeking stooge with aim to hang on in PM post for luxury. he has shown no ethics. A price maniac daily he goes to office he creates policies and decisions to raise price of something.He created 6 th pay commission report to give huge jumpt to corrupt babudom who are unproductive .This resulted in huge rise in bribe rates and inflation in India.Now again he shamlessly appointed 7 th pay comission to give more jump to babus and a new price spiral will follow.he attacked Indian and hindu culture has been lieing and passing bills to promote lootmar in coutnry. Dehati aurat is much beeter than him.She is simple and hoenst.
      Singh's crimes are  long list.
      He should be dismissed and put in Tihar and prosecuted for mass damage to poor in India, rampant corruption, lootmar,vanadalism and fall of morality, and then finally hanged.
      He has created price rise of 500% in 9 years and 1400 % in land.Corruption has gone up 10 fold.More than rs 70 lac crores are estimated to be siphoned off by nexus of politcians,baniyas and MNCs.Singh has proved to be a curse for coutnry and last 10 years are worst in Indian history.
      --------------------------------------------------------------------------Two days back Rahul snubbed Man Mohan Singh and today Nawaj Sharief called him "Dehati Aurat" in breakfast meeting , in USA, with Pakistani and Indian reporter Barkha Dutt  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a47HFJ0imYk

      Should Man Mohan Singh still take more insults ?
      Jairaj Yadav