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23687RE: [Janshakti] Supreme Court Judgement on disqualification of convicted legislators

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  • Ramakrishna Chitrapu
    Sep 29, 2013
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      Mr Singh,

      May be I could be wrong. There is no corruption free party in the country.There were lots of statistics
      and analysis.. of the Legislators and Parliamentarians giving he percentages proving this.If the SC s ruling is implemented almost all the political parties would be affected. Rahul does not understand what he was talking..probably when some of the scams
      are investigated.. his name also may come  up.

      SC's ruling must be extended to cover those against whose names are involved if the country is to become corruption free


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      Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 01:06:14 -0700
      Subject: [Janshakti] Supreme Court Judgement on disqualification of convicted legislators


      The Supreme Court in its judgement on disqualification of convicted legislators held that no Member of Parliament or of State Legislature would be hold onto his seat if he is convicted of a crime involving certain years of punishment. This upset all the parties since the MPs and MLAs of all the parties are having criminal records. Hence with the tacit understanding of all the parties, the Cabinet under Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India put up an Ordinance to undo the judgement of the Supreme Court of India.  Such Ordinances are brought up when the Parliament is not in session.  Dr. Manmohan Singh was so much worried at the outcome of the Supreme Court judgement that he even did not wait for the Parliament session to commence.  However, when this Ordinance was put up to the President of India for approval, he sought clarifications from some of the members of Cabinet viz., Home Minister, Sushil Shinde, Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Kamal Nath and Law Minister, Kapil Sibal instead of approving the Ordinance immediately. Meanwhile, Vice President of the ruling Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi dubbed this ordinance as nonsensical and ruled that it should be torn and thrown into waste basket.  Thus, Manmohan Singh received a great snub and humiliation.  The passing of this Ordinance would have led to continuation of criminalisation of politics. However, now it appears that the Supreme Court's judgement will prevail and there would be decriminalisation of politics.  This would drastically reduce corruption and criminalisation at top levels which would lead to the substantial reduction in the cases of corruption and criminalisation at the bottom. So, the society would become more neat and clean.  

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