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Self intro of new memeber and opinions of Austen sequels

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  • nienor_n@yahoo.com
    Hello, everyone. I am new to the list, so I ll introduce myself a bit. I m from CA, 25 years old, and I ve been an Austen reader since I was 16. My favorite
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2001
      Hello, everyone. I am new to the list, so I'll introduce myself a
      bit. I'm from CA, 25 years old, and I've been an Austen reader since
      I was 16. My favorite of her books is probably Persuasion, favorite
      heroines Ann, Catherine and Elinor, and favorite hero the
      Henry Tilney!

      Since I think we are all interested in sequels, here's my two (or
      three) cents about some Austen sequels I read:


      Sanditon, 1975 (?), completed by 'another lady' (Marie Dobbs, though
      she had even another alias?) The story flows quite smoothly, the
      author's prose is mostly excellent, and she develops Sidney's
      character in a fun and very believable way. She also does a
      commendable job on Charlotte- I always felt she was a little dry in
      the Austen piece. People complain about the ending, but it's more of
      a parody of sorts on heroic abductions, and a very minor flaw. Her
      development of Miss Lamb as a friend to Charlotte was probably not
      what Austen intended at all, but I liked it. I found it thoroughly
      satisfactory- and I love Sidney!


      Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken- VERY well-written, though I felt that the
      whole romantic bits with the Irish brothers were a bit overdone. The
      author seemed fascinated by her own re-creation of them, and pushes
      poor Frank Churchill into the background completely, something I
      didn't feel was quite right to do.

      Letters from Pemberley- it was good and true to the tone of Austen,
      but not particularly exciting. I liked it, but not more than the
      Sanditon completion.


      Presumption by Julia Barret- a nice and enjoyable piece, though not
      extraordinary by any means. The language/prose somethings lacks
      glaringly, but it's tolerable. For the story, I especially liked the
      development of Georgiana, though perhaps she was turned from a shy
      mouse into a spirited girl a bit too abruptly. Her love interest was a
      very appealing character in my opinion, though I think that the
      villain was too much a rehash of Wickham to be interesting, and kind
      of wooden and stereotypical. The depiction of the original P&P
      characters is okay, though not wholly accurate, though the authors
      make some glaring errors- for example, Kitty is turned into a
      duplicate of Lydia, loud and vulgar and 'modish', something which she
      wasn't in the book (the recent, beautifully-made BBC production
      thankfully kept true to all characters, Kitty's included). Another
      error is having Wickham stay as a guest at Pemberley after Austen
      specifically stated that Darcy never allowed him to come there! But
      all in all, I think this book doesn't deserve the high praise some
      give it nor the censure others give it- it's lighthearted and
      enjoyable enough, something which cannot be said of some other sequels
      I readÂ…


      The Third Sister by Julia Barret- I didn't enjoy this one as much as
      I did Presumption. I felt that Margaret's quick elevations into a
      person of sense and taste was a bit abrupt, though I suppose it had to
      be done if the authoresses wanted a heroine that can be admired. But
      the two men she chooses from were not well-done, in my opinion, and
      both were too flat in characterization. The plot wasn't too
      interesting, either- I can barely even recall anything from it by now.
      An okay book, but not more than that.


      That P&P sequel by Emma TenantÂ… anything by Emma Tenant.

      And that's it. I would love to know if anyone has easily accessible
      sequels to recommend!
    • cutiepiehoney_98@hotmail.com
      Hi everyone -- I would like to introduce myself -- I am a student and an ardent fan of Jane Austen. I totally agree with the last post (I wasnt sure how to
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 23, 2001
        Hi everyone -- I would like to introduce myself -- I am a student and
        an ardent fan of Jane Austen. I totally agree with the last post (I
        wasnt sure how to refer to you so I am going to refer to you as "a
        fellow fan" :) ) as to the sequels by Tennant -- I read the first one
        (i think it was "Pemberley") -- ugh! I dont believe that Bingley
        would have had an affair like that, and then have a child through
        that! What nonsense!

        Have any of you seen the film adaptations of her novels? Which ones
        did you like best? Let's get this discussion going:)

        Cutie Pie
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