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Fine to know that we are five at the very least, but probably more.

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  • Evelyn Radecke
    Hi, fellow Polk-fans, thanks to Michael and Travis for speaking up again and to Ken for two very interesting new comments. Who knows how much of Polk s lack of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
      Hi, fellow Polk-fans,

      thanks to Michael and Travis for speaking up again and to Ken for
      two very interesting new comments. Who knows how much of Polk's lack
      of popularity is owed to friends like Mr. Dallas and to measures
      like cutting down public debts, as he had announced it.

      I'd have answered earlier to your newest messages, but a virus
      provided me with a James-Polk-memorial-derangement from which I just
      recovered. I admire Mr. Polk more than ever for working hard in
      spite of stomach ache, but could not bring my sissy self to follow
      his example. Fortunately I do not need Polkish discipline as I also
      lack Polkish ambitions. I do my duties, and overtime, if required,
      but when sick I try to get off duty a.s.a.p.

      Polk will never be very popular and there are many reasons. One of
      them might be that his example of seemingly reckless self-
      exploitation is somehow frightening and not at all encouraging to
      inspire followers. It is just not normal, though it cannot be called
      genially insane. On the contrary, it is perfectly realistic for a
      man of high ambitions.

      How unpleasant, that Mr. Polk proved that hard work is indeed a safe
      way to success, and that it is indeed possible to stomach an active
      life without the use of humour, fiction, dope and idle pleasure as
      digestives. How unpleasant that Mr. Polk proved that eating,
      sleeping, exercise and a quiet family life are enough to recover
      from twelve hours of work a day.

      How diappointing that Mr. Polk's weaknesses were not in the line of
      thrilling vices but of such common bad habits as self-righteousness,
      pettiness, fussing, secret craving for compliments and the like. How
      embarrassing, that realism and/or religion must be suspected behind
      Mr. Polk's unnormal conduct, because the man was self-interested and
      unselfish at the same time. Neither realism nor religiousness will
      ever be popular, let alone a strong mixture of both. Yet some
      admirers will always exist, like the precious few who mourned his
      passing - and some women like me, who can understand Sarah Polk's
      mad love for her spouse very well.

      So I agree with Michael that the group should exist as it was,
      because more can hardly be done, and he is of course right that the
      interest of its members cannot be judged from the frequency of their
      posts. I also think he is right about Polk, and could even have
      pitched it stronger.

      I'm not in favour of explicitly including all antebellum Presidents.
      Polk, always neglected, should not be placed among figures that
      could again overshadow him by being much better known. Of course
      relationships of other Presidents with Polk should be discussed and
      comparisons might be made. Polk deserves undivided attention and
      this group is one of the few places where he gets it.

      I became a member of Myspace as "Polkweed" to find some co-addicts,
      but was frustrated by my unsuccessful active search, gave it up and
      concentrated on the other fun of this forum. I could spruce up my
      profile and make a link to this group on it, but would like to know
      at least Ken's opinion first. I cannot judge the danger of spam and
      do not want to get him bothered with it.

      Else I just found out what my final opinion on Polk is. As for
      politics, meanwhile I agree with Uwe's "decicedly pro Polk"
      statement. As for the person Polk, it will take some time to arrange
      my arguments, as the Polk that I see is quite different from
      Seigenthaler's or Sellers' Polk. Less driven, more religious,
      friendlier, healthier, a great calculator, a reality-addict etc. My
      autism-theory got lost on the way. All without it the puzzle
      suddenly arranged itself and made sense. Hope it wasn't some kind of
      enchantment with a pair of beautiful eyes that made me see a picture
      at last.

      Well, that'll do now for a while.

      So long

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