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170One of Mr. Polk's Last Letters

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  • Marabou
    Aug 15, 2013
      Searching the web for something new about James K. Polk I chanced upon the following letter, and found it interesting enough to post its text. You can have a look at a reproduction of the autograph at


      Nashville May 28th 1849


      I have received your note oft the
      17th Instant, notifying me that I had been
      elected as an honorary member of Capitol
      Hill Fire Co. No. 4, of this City. Having recently
      become a citizen of that part of the City in which your Company is organized, it gives
      me pleasure to accept the honor conferred; and should the occasion for it occur, it will
      give me equal pleasure to be a working, as
      well as an honorary member of the Company.

      I am with Great Respect
      Your Ob't Sv't
      James K. Polk

      D.C. Dibrell Esqu.
      Secretary of Capitol Hill
      Fire Co. No. 4 . -

      I'm now thinking of one member of this group for whom this letter must be especially interesting.