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168Requiem for James Knox Polk, died on 15th June, 1849 at Nashville

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  • Marabou
    Jun 14, 2013
      Gather in silence here,
      Dust lies on the statesman's brow
      His elegant voice is hushed in death,
      And the proud form lieth low.

      Draw ye around his tomb,
      Drop a tear for your country's dead,
      For the heavy hand of care hath pressed
      To the earth, a weary head.

      His thoughts were a nation's guide,
      On his word hung the battle array.
      But his breath which summoned the countless best
      Now is cold as the ocean spray

      Gray and worn we lay him here,
      In the might of his fresh renown,
      With the people's sighs, his requiem,
      And the laurel wreath his crown.

      In faith we give him up,
      With his "country's wishes blest,"
      In the trusting hope of a better world,
      Where the weary are at rest.

      set to music by Otto Ruppius and sung at his grave

      To be found on the site
      together with contemporary comments in relation to Polk's death - among them a memorial sermon delivered by James Hervey Otey, a lifelong friend of Polk's since their college days.