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  • Ziya ERDEMİR
    Feb 28, 2003
      Hi and welcome to our new discussion list.
      As you know Jal is a powerful and easy-to-use compiler and needs tobe improved further.
      I have a suggestion at this point: before adding new features to compiler, current bugs must be fixed first.  There is a huge to do list. Howerver most of them are not essential for now. Can we prepare a bug list for current version first?
      The bugs I know are:
      1. Page switching problem for 16f877. If you call a subroutine then return doesn't set program counter to the next instruction.
      2. There is a bug in simulator part that produces wrong 24 bit floating point logical comparision. 
      trisa, trisb, etc. hardware addresses must be defined so that user must be able to reach these addresses by using their standard names. In current Jal release user can't reach trisa, trisb with these names.
      looking forward bugfree source
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