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Re: [Jackson_Genealogy] Correction to the Jackson database

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  • Gross, Jerald S MAJ MIL USA EUSA
    Just a quick note that I hope to be able to get back into genealogy in the next few weeks. Jerry ... From: imjaniejac@aol.com Date: Friday, July 31, 2009 22:05
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      Just a quick note that I hope to be able to get back into genealogy in the next few weeks.


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      From: imjaniejac@...
      Date: Friday, July 31, 2009 22:05
      Subject: [Jackson_Genealogy] Correction to the Jackson database
      To: jeraldgross69@...

      > This is just an interim note to let you know of a recent development.
      > We've just discovered by a DNA test that some information in one
      > branch is
      > probably inaccurate. A man that I have recorded as a descendant
      > of Stephen
      > Jackson, s/o James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett turns out to be
      > NOT a
      > Hempstead Jackson, but he is from a different Jackson line..
      > Thus, this puts
      > the whole line from Stephen down to current time to be in
      > question. Right
      > now we'll be working to find in what generation the problem has
      > occurred. It
      > may not affect the whole line, but only one branch. But until we
      > discover
      > where the error occurred we cannot say for sure. This again
      > emphasizes
      > the value of DNA testing. Without learning of this, the error
      > could have
      > been passed on for years. So I'm sorry this has happened; but
      > glad to have
      > the opportunity to correct wrong information. This may require
      > much more
      > testing of descendants to prove or disprove their relationships,
      > so this won't
      > be resolved quickly. It is my thought that the problem is in the
      > first
      > three generations starting with this Stephen as that is where the
      > documentation is so hard to come by. Later generations are
      > either well sourced or
      > contributed by family members and I have no knowledge of their
      > sources.
      > I dislike unlinking any folks from the line who may be correctly
      > placed,
      > but until this is resolved, it is probably best to unlink Henry A.
      > Jackson
      > from being a son of Stephen Jackson and a grandson of James
      > Jackson and
      > Rebecca Hallett. Since I do not know where in Henry's line I have
      > picked up an
      > unrelated Jackson, all of Henry's line will be temporarily removed
      > from
      > the site. Hopefully, a corrected line can be put back later but
      > it won't
      > happen quickly as this will require much more study and testing.
      > The DNA participant's testing is still in progress and will test
      > to 67
      > markers. But the 12 marker results are in and are sufficient to
      > indicate he
      > is from a different Jackson line. Just perhaps the final results
      > will help
      > us to know of a different Jackson line in the same area at the
      > same time.
      > Please if you know of any living Jackson man from Henry's line,
      > willing to
      > have a 12 marker DNA test done ($103.00), please contact either me
      > or Jack
      > McAnally. We need to get this resolved, but finding someone to
      > test may
      > be difficult.
      > Most of the above paragraphs have just been posted on the Addition
      > and
      > Changes page, and Henry A. Jackson and his descendants removed
      > from the website
      > (but not my database). Both Bob Mitchell and I have been
      > surprised by the
      > results of this DNA test. Bob writes: "I have given considerable
      > thought
      > to this situation over the last 24 hours or so and think that
      > there is a
      > missing Stephen Jackson somewhere or his records have blended
      > with the
      > Stephen Jackson who is/was associated with Benjamin Jackson. One
      > possible
      > scenario is the death of the elder Stephen Jackson and the Scotch-
      > Irish Stephen
      > Jackson moving into the area. The records are blind and would
      > not
      > differentiate between the two. Sure needs more study."
      > So we will give it more study.
      > Janie
      > _http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com_
      > (http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com)
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