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Jackson website update letter

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  • imjaniejac@aol.com
    Hi Folks, The Jackson website has been updated again. It s been longer than usual between this update and the last as I ve been involved with a Special
    Message 1 of 13 , May 5, 2009
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      Hi Folks,
      The Jackson website has been updated again.  It's been longer than usual between this update and the last as I've been involved with a Special Project that doesn't yet show on the site - several Broken Branches.  Normally Broken Branches are lines that folks send me but this was different as quite a few folks were involved collaborating on the research.  I hope to get this information in shape to be able to post on rootsweb and link to it if no connection to our line is actually found.  DNA tests indicate these folks are Hempstead Jackson descendants so we continue the search. 
      One new item has come from this - our need for a better way to communicate/collaborate with others working on the same project.  So now we have a yahoo group just for Hempstead Jackson folks.  A quote from the Additions and Changes Page:
      I've added a box on the Home Page announcing a yahoo group that I've opened up for the use of anyone researching our particular Jackson line.  This is the third yahoo group dedicated to the surname Jackson but this will be more focused as it is open to anyone researching specifically the Hempstead Jackson line.  It will be by invitation only, and any descendant may ask to join.  It can be used for queries or ongoing communication for specific research projects.  Just a good way to get quickly in touch with the more active researchers.   Last month it was being used for the folks who have other surnames but who have been proved genetic Jacksons by DNA.  In connection with this, I spent a lot of time the last couple of months working to find connection for a new Jackson DNA participant.  Online research for this has taken us to Trimble County, Kentucky and Clark and Jackson Counties in Indiana. There are not yet any links to these Broken Branches as it is still an ongoing project.  If you have Jacksons in those areas, or just want to help us look, please let me know.
      I don't have any idea of how active the group will be - I expect activity will sort of ebb and flow as different branches are researched.  As in any group, you can elect to receive emails as they are posted or just a daily digest.  I made it an invitation only site so it would remain focused on just our line of Jacksons.  So let me know if you would like an invitation to this group. 
      The Researchers Email Page has been cleaned up to only include those folks who have responded with their area of interest. 
      Check out the Additions and Changes page to see detail of what else has been done. 
      http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/additionsandchanges2009.htm   You can tell contributions have come in from all different areas of our Jackson tree and from new contributors.  I wish I had the ability to create a U. S. Map with push pins of where all our contributors and/or researchers live!  Would that be neat??  Does someone have the ability to create such a page and maintain it?  Or just create it and tell me how to maintain it. 
      There are now 22,412 folks in the data base and the site has had 38,613 visitors as of this morning.  Keep the site updated with whatever new info you've found or if you have your info posted somewhere, let me link to it!
      Happy Hunting,
    • Kyle Atkins
      Janie, If it is easy for you, please include (invite) me in your Yahoo Hempstead Jackson group. I assume I connect to Hempstead Jacksons via Jemima who m John
      Message 2 of 13 , May 9, 2009
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        If it is easy for you, please include (invite) me in your Yahoo Hempstead Jackson group.  I assume I connect to Hempstead Jacksons via Jemima who m John 1770 McAnally in Washington Co TN.   This is a still unmade connection, but is where we believe Jack McAnally (genetic Jackson) acquired his McAnally name.  I doubt I will be much of a contributor, as I am working at this from the other side, still I will be interested in what is happening.
        Thank you!
        Kyle Atkins
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