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Jacksons of Montgomery, Stewart, and Humphreys Counties Tennessee

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  • John McAnally
    The family of Wm Jackson b. bef 1786 NC d. Montgomery Co., TN has been proven by Y-DNA testing to belong to the lineage of Robert Jackson b. abt 1615 England
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008
      The family of Wm Jackson b. bef 1786 NC d. Montgomery Co., TN has been proven by Y-DNA testing to belong to the lineage of Robert Jackson b. abt 1615 England d. 1683 Hempstead Long Island, NY but they have not as yet been able to determine which of the many direct male descendants of Robert Jackson that they belong to. A line of the Hempstead Jacksons through Benjamin a great grandson of Robert has been confirmed to have migrated from NC to Stewart Co., and subsequently to Humphreys Co., in the name a Abel Jackson and his descendants. Abel had an older brother Wm who died bef. 1854 as proven by a document to establish a revolutionary war pension for his mother. It is our conjecture that Abel's brother Wm is the same as the Wm of Montgomery Co., TN. We have much circumstantial evidence but nothing that clinches this theory. Abel appeared on the 1820 census in Stewart Co., TN with others of his line as well as a Wm Jackson. See below the Wm Jackson family pedigree and a summary of the Jacksons that appeared on census in Stewart and Montgomery counties done by Bob Mitchell. Also if you are interested in the details of Abel's family history see Bob Mitchell's excellent family history at
      We would appreciate any information that you may have on either of the  lines in question or those that are unknown to us on the Stewart Co., TN 1820 census.
       Unknown Jackson b. 1751 +/- 15
      --William Jackson b. bef 1786
      ---Joseph Jackson b. 1804 TN; m Tabitha P. Sykes
      ----John Jackson b. 1834 TN; m Winifred A. Sugg
      -----Joseph Jackson b. 1858 TN; m Florence O. Kelly
      ------Hadley R. Jackson b. 1895 TN; m Ethel Hunt
      -------Ernest Jackson b 1920
      --------Ernest N. Jackson kit 102501 65/67 match to the Col. John Jackson ancestral haplotype
      There were sixteen (16) Jackson Heads of Household in Stewart Co., Tennessee.  Interestingly several of these men have been confirmed to be descendants of Benjamin Jackson.
      Abel Jackson, s/o CPT Stephen Jackson, s/o Benjamin Jackson.
      David Jackson, Sr., s/o Benjamin Jackson
      David Jackson, Jr., s/o David Jackson, Sr.
      Hugh Jackson, s/o David Jackson, Sr.
      Daniel Jackson, s/o David Jackson, Sr. (?)
      The other men are unknown to me at this time:
      Eli Jackson
      Elisha Jackson
      Henry Jackson
      James Jackson
      Jesse Jackson
      William Jackson
      John Jackson-1
      Lucis Jackson
      Robert Jackson
      Tishe Jackson
      John Jackson-2
      By 1830 non of these men were in Stewart Co.  Abel had moved further south into Humphreys Co.  By this time his two eldest sons, Elijah and John were of age and enumerated. 
      David Jackson and his boys moved on to Madison Co. where he died in 1824. Hugh died there in 1848.  Nothing is known of Daniel.  David, Jr. and many of the next generation moved on to Texas circa 1850.
      The other men seemed to have moved on or were missed on the 1830 census.  The names Robert, Jesse and John showed up on later census records in Stewart Co.  William moved on to Montgomery Co. where there was yet another William Jackson along with:
      Archibald Jackson
      Brice Jackson
      Joseph Jackson
      Mitchell Jackson
       Jesse and William seem to be the most closely associated in that they witnessed documents for each other and jointly for others.
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