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Jackson website update letter

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  • imjaniejac@aol.com
    Hi folks, It s been another busy month for both Jerry and I! So much has been added that I really had a hard time witting the Additions and Changes Page this
    Message 1 of 13 , Nov 5 5:20 PM
      Hi folks,
      It's been another busy month for both Jerry and I!  So much has been added that I really had a hard time witting the Additions and Changes Page this month.  And I know there are small additions that didn't even get mentioned on the page.  For instance: I found this site: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jdevlin/ny/manhasset_li_ref_dutch.htm and picked up about 5 dates/locations of marriages.  I just cannot list every instance of those kinds of additions.   But those are quick and easy once found. 
      The major project that has taken my time this month has been the continuation of adding to the descendants of two of the sons of John Jackson and Temperance Ann Henry, Andrew and Frank, who migrated from Alabama to Milam County, Texas.  There is a Milam County web site with over 4000 obituaries.  Finding the obituaries of anyone related to our Jacksons and combining that information with the Texas birth, death and marriage online information has been an interesting, intense study.  I still have more info on John and Temperance Ann's other children and their descendants that I couldn't get done in time for this upload.  So that will be continued next month.
      And we got excited when news came of another descendant's DNA results being an exact match to Frank and Luther. Steve Jackson checked out the site and had the test run all unbeknown to us and it was such a pleasant surprise to learn of such a 'tightly related' descendant.  So he has been added to the DNA chart and his ancestors up the line to Samuel Cole Jackson have all been added to the data base. This has been an interesting family to research and has been a joint effort for Jerry and I to get it together.   Steve also pointed out to us that Daniel Carter Beard, founder of the Boy Scouts in America, married into this line and Jerry has included a biography in Daniel's notes. Daniel married Beatrice Alice Jackson.

      Check out the movie Jerry found!  It is based on the account written by Theodore Allen's about his capture and escape from Confederate forces. A link has been placed on the Home Page to Jerry's summary of the movie and from there to the web site of the movie. A DVD is available for purchase.  The recounting of the actual experience as written by Theodore F. Allen has been copied into Theodore's notes and is fascinating reading. 

      I won't repeat here the rest of the info on the Additions and Corrections Page, but you can read it here: http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/additionsandchanges2007.htm.  The data base has been increased by 1,183 new individuals, totaling 16,961 folks and the site has had 24,130 visitors. 
      Best wishes,

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    • imjaniejac@aol.com
      Hi Folks, The Jackson website has been updated again. A lot has been happening in the background this month; new info being received, new confirmation from
      Message 2 of 13 , Dec 11, 2007
        Hi Folks,
        The Jackson website has been updated again.  A lot has been happening in the background this month; new info being received, new confirmation from DNA Project participants and old info previously lost has been found!   Jerry and I have added 1,096 persons since last upload making a current total of 18,057 individuals in the data base and as of yesterday evening we've had 25,242 visitors. 
        In addition to those new persons, Jerry has been doing a lot of work on a line conjectured to be descended from Sarah Doty and John Jackson, s/o James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett.  There are over 100 descendants input into a separate file so far.  As the connection between these families to John and Sarah is unsourced, they have been put on the Broken Branches page for now http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/PeterHoffJackson.htm.   Hopefully, we can find a better source than "an unsigned, unsourced note found in a Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania library".  The earliest in this line is Peter Hoff Jackson b in Orange County, New York and many of his descendants migrated to Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania.   If and when a more reliable source connecting this line to the Hempstead line is found, all these folks will be merged into our main data base.  Please check it out to see if any of these folks sound familiar to you.   Any help with this line will be appreciated!!
        I have found a descendancy chart I received several years ago from Sarah Jean Myers.  At the time I received the chart, I didn't have our Southern cousins connected; I was new at genealogy and didn't know what to do with this chart.  I put it up and misplaced it.  I have just now found it and have input quite a lot of descendants (51) of Lydia Jackson, granddaughter of Edward Jackson and Charity Polly Hill.   Lydia married her cousin, William Myers, son of Mahala Jackson and Carney Myers, so Lydia's husband also was a grandson of Edward and Charity.  Sarah Jean sent a bare bones chart: relationships, years only and very few locations.  So I've posted what was there and am hoping folks will help fill in the missing pieces.  Sarah Jean has passed on now so we can't ask her about the chart. There is a lot more that can and should be done with this information.  The few locations mentioned were marriages in Georgia, mostly Walker County and a few in Hill County, Texas.  If anyone wants to volunteer to do census work on these folks, it would be appreciated.
        By happy coincidence, I've also added a lot of folks descended from Edward Jackson and his second wife Mary Pauline (Polly) Hall.  A participant in the Jackson DNA project has verified his connection to the Hempstead Jacksons and given us enough information on his branch to enable us to connect him to Claiborne Jackson, son of Edward and Mary.   Jerry and I have both worked on filling in this line and more will be added to Claiborne's line next month as our new cousin has sent more info that we haven't had time to input.  And so our Jackson tree continues to grow as we welcome new cousins to the clan. 
        I've also added children and grandchildren of Nata Harris Langley and Little Berry Jackson s/o Edward Jackson and Mary Polly Hall.  This also corrects his birth location.
        There is a new box on the home page acknowledging the continuing work of Jack McAnally with the Jackson DNA Project, and I've have revised the DNA index page to include giving credit to Jack McAnally and Kyle Adkins for their DNA research work on behalf of Jacksons.  The DNA chart has been updated to include info concerning branches of the Jackson line that are newly confirmed.  This page is mostly for the benefit of the genetic genealogist and may not be of interest to a casual researcher. (But it's fun to see the relationships.  Jack and Kyle tell me that a more detailed spreadsheet will be forthcoming in the next month or so.)

        Elizabeth Goins has sent me a picture and obit/biography of Col. Stephen Jackson, 1808-1887 Chesterfield Co., SC, that I have put both in the Obituary Index and in the picture index.  If Stephen is in your line, don't miss this!  I usually don't have the skill or time for pictures, but thought so many would enjoy this one.
        Scott McCain sent new data and a family photo for Mary Martha Everetta 'Avie' Jackson, daughter of Hezekiah Jackson and Maria Jane Hartshorn.  Avie, was a young Jackson County, West Virginia girl who migrated to Oklahoma before it was even a state.  I haven't posted the photo yet but the data is input.
        The page for Additions and Changes this month is a long one as we've added a lot more than mentioned here.  There's no point in repeating it when you can read it from the Table of Contents on the Home Page: http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com 
        A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
        Janie Kimble
        and Jerry Gross
        2nd cousins, once removed

      • imjaniejac@aol.com
        Hi Folks, We re having an anniversary! It s the third anniversary of the Jackson Family Website! Jerry and I are still enjoying the work and so many folks
        Message 3 of 13 , Jan 15, 2008
          Hi Folks,
          We're having an anniversary!  It's the third anniversary of the Jackson Family Website!  Jerry and I are still enjoying the work and so many folks have contributed to the success of the site that I hesitate to try to list them out of concern that I may leave someone out!  Just know that each one of you is needed and appreciated.  There is that Active Contributors' page but that doesn't begin to list all those that have shown interest and have been sources of information.  I enjoy the contact with all of you who have written to contribute or inquire about your connections. 
          So far, we've not had any inquires about the Peter Hoff Jackson chart put in Broken Branches (and on Rootsweb and MyHeritage sites) last month, so Peter's possible connection remains a mystery.  A DNA test for a living descendant would be helpful, but first that descendant must be found!
          The Additions and Changes page is again a long one I won't repeat here but can be read onsite.  Finding a good place to stop work to do the upload is always a problem.  The to-do list is long and I wish I could finish the work on the list before upload, but am realizing that this is probably never going to occur. 
          Just a couple of the items on the Additions and Changes page follow, but please go to the site to check out all of them:  http://jacksonfamilygenealogy.com
          Text of the page 'About This Site' has been slightly revised.  Changed cutoff date: folks born 1908 or later are assumed living; 1907 and earlier are assumed deceased.
          Edited some of the web pages replacing bold text with regular text, changed copyright dates and generally cleaned up the pages.
          Added Creed Brooks story to 'Interesting Historical Stories' page

          'Helpful Links & Tools' page has been revised and 3 links added:
             Added link to Bill Buchanan's 'Overview of PAF' genealogy software.  This is the software used to build data pages for this site; also added a link to Family Search where this free program can be downloaded.  Added a third new link - a list of links for Canadian research.  Also edited that page to better show the county finders links.  (I use these a LOT.)
          Received very helpful email from Graham Johnson. Input his corrections and additions including obits for Alfred H. Hicks and Esther Hicks (Emory) and removed illogical birth date from Elizabeth Holmes wife of Stephen Titus.
          Willard Moore sent well researched and footnoted paper on descendants of Samuel Jackson s/o Thomas Jackson and Mary Townsend.  This has been included in the data base.  I have removed 2 children, Thomas & Deborah, from record of Samuel Jackson and Deborah Seaman.  These children previously taken from a rootsweb chart but are not included in author's later work; also Willard Moore's research does not support that information.  I also removed the birth date of Phebe Birdsall Jackson, wife of James, because it did not fit logically with the census records.
          There are now 18,610 (up 553) individuals in the data base and the site has had 26,179 visitors last time I checked.  Some of the folks receiving this email are on a one-time or occasional list.  If you want to continue to receive these update notices, please email me or subscribe at the site. 
          Best wishes,


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        • imjaniejac@aol.com
          Hi folks, The Jackson website has been updated today. We now have had 27,562 visitors and have 19,095 individuals (up 485) in the data base. It s been
          Message 4 of 13 , Feb 28, 2008
            Hi folks,
            The Jackson website has been updated today.  We now have had 27,562 visitors and have 19,095 individuals (up 485) in the data base.  It's been about a month and a half since the January upload.  I feel that waiting this long between uploads makes the Additions and Changes pages too long to wade through but don't think you want an update letter more often than that either.  Finding a good stopping place is an ongoing challenge.
            A lot of very helpful info has been sent to me this month; major was info from the David Myers file at Georgia State Archives about the descendants of Abraham Jackson & Mary Polly Beavers sent by Bobbie Kinsey Jackson.  Adding all these folks opened up a lot of opportunities to research census info for their descendants, connecting a lot of other folks!
            Art Hubbs uses his retirement time to research our Canadian Jacksons and has sent both new info and some corrections.    
            A major correction has been received correcting the children of Abraham Harrell and Elizabeth Jackson, d/o Jesse Jackson & Delilah Meador. This is a contribution of Bob Mitchell's work and came about as the result of his contact with a direct descendant of Abraham Harrell. The story of Bob's research into this often conflicting information is related in Abraham's notes.
            Jerry download 170 death certificates and updated location and death info on fellow descendants. Source for all this good info is a relatively new site: http://search.labs.familysearch.org.  Sorry, but there is no way to keep track of who all these folks were.  So many folks in our data base do not show on the web site because they were born after 1908 or after but we don't have knowledge that they are deceased.  If you see descendants marked LIVING that you know are deceased, please let us know so that the record of these folks will show on the site.  It is not required that we know the date of death, just to have the assurance is enough.
            The above is just a little bit of the info on the Additions and Corrections page.  I encourage you to check out the whole page here: http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/additionsandchanges2008.htm  especially if you are following the descendants of Edward Jackson of Gwinnett County.  Much has been added.  I do have need of any information about his son Booker A. Jackson.  If you know any source info about him, please let me know. 
            That's all for now.  Keep in touch, I always enjoy hearing from you!
            My to-do stack still overflows, no matter how fast I peddle!  Who ever thought retirement could be so much fun!


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          • imjaniejac@aol.com
            Hi Folks, This is to let you know that the Jackson website has been updated again and give you a bit of the highlights of the past month and a half. Jerry
            Message 5 of 13 , Apr 13, 2008
              Hi Folks,
              This is to let you know that the Jackson website has been updated again and give you a bit of the highlights of the past month and a half.  Jerry has been out of touch during this time and is looking forward to getting back into genealogy asap.
              I've made a major edit to the wives of 'General' Joseph Jackson.  The reasoning behind this is detailed in his Notes.  I believe I had picked up some erroneous info earlier and after Andrea Deitze's research into the Joseph who married Margaret Burgess, we've realized this couple is not our General Joseph, but a different couple altogether.  So Margaret Burgess has been removed as first wife and replaced by Annie, his wife who died in 1760 and is buried beside him.  Then his second wife would be Mary who with Joseph's son William, renounced their right to administer his estate when he died in 1769.  Surnames for both wives are uncertain.  This also means that all children were born while Annie was still alive.  For more details see his notes.  If anyone has good source info to indicate otherwise, please let me know. 
              Many charts show William Jackson who died abt 1795 in Woodford County, Kentucky (married to Ann Dupuy) was descended from Robert Jackson of Hempstead but no reliable source for this assumption has been found.  This line has not had a descendant participate in the Jackson DNA Project but now an offer has been made to pay for a 12 marker DNA test of any male descendant of William who can prove their descendancy from him.   William's line needs to be proven one way or the other.  Can you help find someone willing to participate in this testing?  There will never be a better price!   See details on the Broken Branches page.
              The Additions and Changes page will show I've been very busy this month!  The largest project added many descendants to the record of Louis (Lewis) Jackson and Aramintha Varner, most of whom settled in Sabine Parish, Louisiana    Louis is son of  Jesse Jackson & Delilah Meador.  A very lot of this info was posted for my use on rootsweb by Helen Tatum.  I have added census info and a bit more to her info.  Much more detail about this on the A&C page.   I haven't done it before, but names of contributors have been put on Additions and Changes page this time.  There were so many that I was having a hard time keeping track of who sent what.  This Additions and Changes page is getting harder and harder to compose.  Is it really helpful to folks?
              Regina Gerspacher sent info from the family Bible of John F. Jackson of Lamar County, Texas.  This caused some major research about John's father, James, son of Hugh Jackson and Mary Childress.  Some inquiring around resulted in learning about Barbara Crumpton who knew the story of James' two marriages.  The results from Barbara's research have given us a better understanding of his marriages (Mary Piland and Rebecca Ann Baker) and the proper division of his children and step-children. This should clear up some online conflicting data.  Details in James' Notes.
              This A&C page has a lot more on it than I've mentioned here.  Please go to the site for details.

              Volunteer opportunities:   I would like to redesign the Active Contributors page perhaps into a researchers page where Jackson researchers/descendants could send me their name and email address (which I will convert to code to prevent harvesters) and giving the Jackson branch(s) they are interested in researching.  Could readers of this email send me suggestions and/or URLs of good researchers' pages to help me get an idea of what a good page will look like.  It will have to be fairly simple.
              Also would like someone to volunteer to try to collect info and design a page listing Rev War soldiers and those who have been accepted into the DAR/SAR on the basis of a Jackson Patriot.  There would be a link to that page from the Table of Contents.  I think it might be neat to have a page just dedicated to listing (somehow) lines that are connected to Jackson Revolutionary War Patriots.  Interesting concept, but I just don't have the time to devote to it.   Do I hear any volunteers? 
              The data base now has 19,656 individuals and the site has had 29,105 visitors last time I looked.
              Y'all keep in touch! 


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            • imjaniejac@aol.com
              Hi Folks, This is to let you know that the Jackson website has been updated again. This is the longest time between updates that I have had, but it s been a
              Message 6 of 13 , Oct 4, 2008
                Hi Folks,
                This is to let you know that the Jackson website has been updated again.  This is the longest time between updates that I have had, but it's been a very busy two-and-a-half months with many more branches being added.  I will quote just a few paragraphs from the Additions and Changes pages and you can go there to get the rest.
                Added over 200 descendants and related persons of Abigail Jackson and Jonathan Hughes into main data base. These are probably not all of their descendants but are all I have been able to reliably document for now. After much study, my conclusion is that Abigail was the daughter of William, s/o Joseph Jackson of Morris County, NJ, and her descendants deserve a place in our Jackson tree!
                Posted a timeline for Jonathan Hughes on the Research Notes Page for purpose of determining location of birth of Abigail's children.
                Updated Conflicting Data 3 pages about Abigail Jackson, daughter of William Jackson.
                A compelling conjecture has been made for James Jackson who married Abigail Fairchild in Wilkes Co., NC,  being the son of John Jackson of Morris County, NJ who removed to North Carolina after his forge was sold at Sheriff's Sale in 1753.  But it is stressed that as of September 2008, the relationship of James born in Morris County NJ and James living in Wilkes Co., NC has not been documented.  Results of a DNA study have indicated that James is a descendant of Col. John Jackson and Elizabeth Seaman, but does not indicate the exact branch.  A study of the analysis and conclusions about James in Wilkes and Ashe Co., NC, by Bob Mitchell has been posted for your consideration here: http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/conflictinganalysis_of_JamesJackson.htm.  So I have added James Jackson and Abigail Fairchild and a great many of their descendants (of Wilkes Co., NC to Montgomery Co., Indiana) to the data base.   This record of these folks has been a collaborative effort at ancestry.com by Janeen Proctor, Jack McAnally and Janie Kimble that is now moved over to this site.  Also revised the timeline research notes available from link in the Research Notes Section.  These Research Notes now include info on James Jackson of Wilkes County, who has been newly determined to be Hempstead by DNA match.
                For some time I've had cautionary remarks in the notes of Rebecca Jackson Lowe, conjectured daughter of William Jackson, s/o Gen. Joseph Jackson. New information has arrived that Rebecca is more likely the daughter of William's son Stephen and though this sounds logical to me, it is not verified yet. Rather than remove all of Rebecca and Jacob Lowe's descendants from online, I am moving her to be Stephen's daughter, again with cautionary notes, hoping that verification can be made soon.
                Quite a few descendants of Rebecca Jackson and Jacob Lowe have been added.
                In addition to the above (1) James Jackson and Abigail Fairchild page in the Conflicting Data section, two more pages have been added to that section: (2) William Mott query by Graham Johnson and (3) a page analyzing all the William Jacksons mentioned in various charts as being in Wilkes Co., NC, during the time our William was there. This study seemed necessary in order to sort out the various claims and determine which is logically more accurate. This study on William also reveals that the Rebecca Jackson who married Abiud Fairchild is very likely a daughter of our William. So she has been added to William's family as a sister to Abigail. All three pages are recommended reading.
                Connected Phoebe Fairchild and James Albert Sewell and added their children. Phoebe is d/o Rebecca Jackson and Abiud Fairchild; James is s/o Mary Gardiner Tompkins, step-dau of Elizabeth Jackson Tompkins, sister of William Jackson of Carter Co., TN.
                There is more on the Additions and Changes Page here: http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/additionsandchanges2008.htm
                Jerry's email address (above) and on the Home Page has changed.  You may want to make a note of it.  There are currently 21,470 individuals in the data base but all do not show on the Jackson site as I show only "descendants of Robert Jackson" and all the collateral families do not show.  Later, I may experiment to see what happens if I upload 'ALL'.  We'll see.  I also posted a chart of James Jackson and Abigail Fairchild on rootsweb thinking some of the Fairchild's might be interested. 
                Has anyone checked out the site www.WeRelate.com that I mentioned last week??  I've had no feedback, so it appears there is no interest in that.  Yes, I know, it's still in beta and not yet as great as it will be.  But it has a lot of potential.
                If anyone wants to be removed from this mailing list, let me know.
                That's it for now.  Please let me know of any corrections and/or additions.

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              • imjaniejac@aol.com
                Hi folks, This is to let you know that the Jackson website has been updated again. As Jerry and I have both been away from our computers for part of the
                Message 7 of 13 , Nov 24 5:08 PM
                  Hi folks,
                  This is to let you know that the Jackson website has been updated again.  As Jerry and I have both been away from our computers for part of the month, the additions and changes are not as extensive as last time but we have managed to complete the input of info from Kathy Burch Williams and Jack Hendrick concerning Jackson and Burch family connections. 
                  And there are several other additions and/or corrections that can be found here:
                  There are now 21,699 individuals in the database (+229 from last time) and the site has had 34,273 visitors.  The site continues to grow because of the contributions of our extended families and we appreciate every one of you.
                  I expect this will be the last update before the first of the year, so let us get a head start in wishing all of you
                                          A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
                  Janie Kimble
                  and Jerry Gross
                • imjaniejac@aol.com
                  Hi folks, It is the site s Fourth Anniversary and it has been updated again. I ve tweaked the Home Page a bit and made a change in how contributors and
                  Message 8 of 13 , Jan 18, 2009
                    Hi folks,
                    It is the site's Fourth Anniversary and it has been updated again.  I've tweaked the Home Page a bit and made a change in how contributors and researchers are listed.  I started the Contributors Page in order to give credit to those folks who kept in touch with me frequently.  That may have given them credit but did not help anyone else know which lines those Contributors were working on.  Then there were also folks who wanted to be listed as a Jackson researcher but maybe had their own sites and were not adding to this data base.  So I hope this new page called  Jackson Researchers List and Email Links will serve a better function.  This page, being new, is not at all complete.  If you would like to be listed there, please drop me a note.  The email links are written in java script to avoid spammers.  Several of you are already listed there but I would like to include your specific area of interest.  This helps others know who to contact with questions.  So please help me fill in the blanks.  To be added or removed from the list, just let me know.
                    There are two or three corrections on the Additions and Changes Page.  It is always recommended you check that page for corrections so that you have the latest.  One I found amusing (if any error can be called that) is the name and gender is changed for Raymona Maxine Jackson.  That should have been and is now Raymond Maxin Jackson, s/o Alonzo Ross Jackson of Humphreys Co., TN.  Another change is Sarah Udall Tredwell; she is now Sarah Udall.  This was a hard decision as I found no good research about Sarah.  Mary Powell Bunker has her name without the Tredwell and I have reverted to that.  If anyone knows more about this lady who married John Jackson, please let me know!
                    You know the Additions and Changes page is accessible from the Home Page, so check it out.  There are now 22,038 persons in the data base and the site has had 35,830 visitors last time I looked.  So keep those email coming and help grow our Jackson tree.  I remain amazed!  My reward is the correspondence with 'cuzins' and the pleasure I have in finding new ones!
                    Happy hunting!
                  • imjaniejac@aol.com
                    Hi Folks, The Jackson web site has been updated again. The Army has kept Jerry so busy this month that he hasn t had time to work on genealogy (I don t see
                    Message 9 of 13 , Feb 17, 2009
                      Hi Folks,
                      The Jackson web site has been updated again.  The Army has kept Jerry so busy this month that he hasn't had time to work on genealogy (I don't see how he manages anyway), but hopefully he'll be back with more info next month. 
                      I won't repeat the whole Additions and Changes pages but the most time-consuming and perhaps significant is the first and last items on that list:
                      Added extensive work on the descendants of Susan Halsey Jackson and William Gaskill of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Input material from Oscar Burton Robbins book that had been previously skipped (pgs 119-127) and included information received from two descendants of this couple.
                      Revision has been made to the record of the two youngest sons of James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett; Stephen and Benjamin:
                           1. Updated notes of Stephen Jackson 1717, son of James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett; also added a quote from "History of Old Cheraws" which indicates his attitude and influence prior to the Revolution. This helps to understand how Stephen could later be referred to as of "Revolutionary War Fame". (Bob Mitchell)
                           2. Capt. Stephen Jackson, "Killing Stephen", son of Benjamin, gr-son of James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett: His notes have been revised to make more readable and add more info.  The record of Stephen claiming four 'natural born children' has been challenged so more has been added to his notes to acknowledge that. The challenger has asked that her research about one of these children, Elizabeth 'Betsey' Hendrick Jackson Crawford, not be used. So the Crawford children have been removed and the Notes for Elizabeth have been revised.
                           3. Updated notes of Nancy Hendrick, whose children were claimed by Stephen Jackson.
                           4. One of these four claimed children was John Hendrick Jackson. Previously it was thought that this John was the same John who married Rebecca Rushing.  This was conjecture based on circumstances and location but no documentation. So this is still a possibility but until better evidence is found, the connection of John Jackson, husband of Rebecca Rushing, and this John Hendrick Jackson has been removed as of Feb 14, 2009.
                      The Researchers' email page may be under constant revision.  Any Hempstead Jackson researcher can asked to be added to the list.  I've put some names on that list just to get it started, but if there is no area of interest listed, I will assume you're not interested in remaining on the list.  Or if you want your name removed now, let me know.  The email links are coded to avoid harvesters and spammers. 
                      Oh, I also fixed several broken links and completely rearranged Broken Branches and Jackson Web Site pages.
                      So please check out the Additions and Changes Page.  There are now 22,219 folks in the data base (though not all of them show on the site) and the site has had 36,811 visitors last time I checked. 
                      Does anyone belong to a 'family association' web site who could share their experience with us?  We've been wondering if something like that would be feasible for our group or not.  You may not realize that this update letter goes out to two yahoo Jackson groups PLUS 65+ other folks who have asked to receive these update notices.   I don't have experience with either family associations or family corporations (similar to the folks who maintain the http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/~hyde/jackson/ site).   I have no idea how many people would be interested in being involved or how it would work, so right now I'm just open to receiving information about them.  Something as simple as maintaining the email distribution list would be a big help.  So would occasional transcribing documents into text files.  There are lots of things that go undone just for lack of time of my part.  But I love doing what I do! 
                      Happy Hunting
                    • imjaniejac@aol.com
                      Hi Folks, The Jackson website has been updated again. It s been longer than usual between this update and the last as I ve been involved with a Special
                      Message 10 of 13 , May 5, 2009
                        Hi Folks,
                        The Jackson website has been updated again.  It's been longer than usual between this update and the last as I've been involved with a Special Project that doesn't yet show on the site - several Broken Branches.  Normally Broken Branches are lines that folks send me but this was different as quite a few folks were involved collaborating on the research.  I hope to get this information in shape to be able to post on rootsweb and link to it if no connection to our line is actually found.  DNA tests indicate these folks are Hempstead Jackson descendants so we continue the search. 
                        One new item has come from this - our need for a better way to communicate/collaborate with others working on the same project.  So now we have a yahoo group just for Hempstead Jackson folks.  A quote from the Additions and Changes Page:
                        I've added a box on the Home Page announcing a yahoo group that I've opened up for the use of anyone researching our particular Jackson line.  This is the third yahoo group dedicated to the surname Jackson but this will be more focused as it is open to anyone researching specifically the Hempstead Jackson line.  It will be by invitation only, and any descendant may ask to join.  It can be used for queries or ongoing communication for specific research projects.  Just a good way to get quickly in touch with the more active researchers.   Last month it was being used for the folks who have other surnames but who have been proved genetic Jacksons by DNA.  In connection with this, I spent a lot of time the last couple of months working to find connection for a new Jackson DNA participant.  Online research for this has taken us to Trimble County, Kentucky and Clark and Jackson Counties in Indiana. There are not yet any links to these Broken Branches as it is still an ongoing project.  If you have Jacksons in those areas, or just want to help us look, please let me know.
                        I don't have any idea of how active the group will be - I expect activity will sort of ebb and flow as different branches are researched.  As in any group, you can elect to receive emails as they are posted or just a daily digest.  I made it an invitation only site so it would remain focused on just our line of Jacksons.  So let me know if you would like an invitation to this group. 
                        The Researchers Email Page has been cleaned up to only include those folks who have responded with their area of interest. 
                        Check out the Additions and Changes page to see detail of what else has been done. 
                        http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/additionsandchanges2009.htm   You can tell contributions have come in from all different areas of our Jackson tree and from new contributors.  I wish I had the ability to create a U. S. Map with push pins of where all our contributors and/or researchers live!  Would that be neat??  Does someone have the ability to create such a page and maintain it?  Or just create it and tell me how to maintain it. 
                        There are now 22,412 folks in the data base and the site has had 38,613 visitors as of this morning.  Keep the site updated with whatever new info you've found or if you have your info posted somewhere, let me link to it!
                        Happy Hunting,
                      • Kyle Atkins
                        Janie, If it is easy for you, please include (invite) me in your Yahoo Hempstead Jackson group. I assume I connect to Hempstead Jacksons via Jemima who m John
                        Message 11 of 13 , May 9, 2009
                          If it is easy for you, please include (invite) me in your Yahoo Hempstead Jackson group.  I assume I connect to Hempstead Jacksons via Jemima who m John 1770 McAnally in Washington Co TN.   This is a still unmade connection, but is where we believe Jack McAnally (genetic Jackson) acquired his McAnally name.  I doubt I will be much of a contributor, as I am working at this from the other side, still I will be interested in what is happening.
                          Thank you!
                          Kyle Atkins
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