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Samuel Jackson

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  • Bob Mitchell
    Janie Made me aware of another Jackson Genealogy Group on Yahoo a few days ago. I joined their group to let them know what we have done and are doing. One of
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 8, 2007
      Janie Made me aware of another Jackson Genealogy Group on Yahoo a few days ago.  I joined their group to let them know what we have done and are doing.  One of the members sent the message below.  If anyone has a connection or a comment for this lady please contact her at the email address at the bottom of the message. 
      Hello Bob,
            I am also a Jackson, in fact Jackson's run on both my Father and my Mother's side of the family. However, I and many others from my Dad's side are unable to go any further then my  GGGGrandfather; Samuel Jackson; Father of Andrew Jackson b. 30 Dec 1835 in Terra Alta,WV. m. 14 May 1868 in Tucker Co. St George WV to Emily Elizabeth Nestor b 1 Dec 1844 in Terra Alta, Preston Co.WV, Daughter of Elias Nester and Anna Goff. Emily died 02 Mar 1943. Andrew d. 22 Feb 1922.They had 9 children; Anna b.1869 & Elias b 1871, who both died in 1872, Anna was 2 and Elias 9 months. Charles Wesley b 1873 d 1931, Catherine Matilda b.1874 d. 1966, Rhoda Elizabeth b.1877 d. 1956. Mintie Susan b. 1880 d 1960 , Leonard Andrew b.1882 d unknown, Florence Effie b.1885 d 1976, and Daniel Henry b 1888 d 1969. All of these children were born in Terra Alta WV, Anna, Elias , Charles, Catherine, and Rhoda, all died in WV. Mintie d on Ok., Daniel d in NY, and Florence d in Ohio.
           If you know of any kind of connection I would really appreciate hearing from you. It was said that Samuel Jackson went to California during the gold rush and was never heard from again. His wife whom we believe to have been an Elizabeth Barnes had died in 1845, leaving Andrew and possibly a Laura as orphans. Laura was taken in by the Bucklew Family of WV, but nothing was mentioned about Andrew.
         Hope to hear from you, please e-mail me directly at Jody320@.... Thank- you. - Jody
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