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Jackson web site update

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  • imjaniejac@aol.com
    It s time again to let you know the Jackson web site has been updated. Now that Jerry is working with me, hopefully we can work at eliminating the
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 8, 2006
      It's time again to let you know the Jackson web site has been updated.  Now that Jerry is working with me, hopefully we can work at eliminating the overflowing stack of work in my to-do box.  And we've made a good start on it this month with a large increase in the data base.
      There has been so much added this month that there is no way I can put it all in this email.  But I can give you some highlights:

      Added spouses for the children of Elizabeth Jackson and James Tompkins who migrated to Wilkes Co., NC and then on to Carter County, Tennessee.  Also added some of their Proffitt grandchildren who moved on to Kentucky .  Julia McCartney Hogston has done the research on this line and has more than I have entered.  Also just before upload, I found a good chart with much more info and just put the URL to that chart in Elizabeth's Notes. Since Elizabeth and her husband are well recorded as being in Wilkes County, NC, and in Carter County, TN, and it's highly probable that other family members were with them, this deserves more study.


      Jerry made many additions and revisions to the original posting last month of the descendants of Jacob S. Jackson and Miriam Searing in Canada.  There are too many to list here, but they were done in part with aid from Mary Crandall’s website: The Ontario Vital Statistics Project and register reports from Elizabeth Archer and Linda Peling Alessio. Linda also sent two photo that are now in the Pictures section.


      Jerry is working toward getting just the Canadian Jackson branch posted on rootsweb.  This chart will have both a counter and a link to our Jackson site.

      After receiving an extensive study on the Powell family from Al Albright, Jerry has been able to add a lot of Powell connections to our Jackson data base.  And there is a lot of information that could be added at a later time for collateral families related to the Jacksons.  Many names in this study link back to our Jacksons through families such as Willet, Willis, Seaman, Mott, Underhill, Pearsall, Washburne, Titus, Townsend and many others. 


      I have been working with the Hewlett Family Register sent to me by John A. Hewlett who has done extensive research into the Hewlett family.  This chart has extensive connections with the descendants of John and Elizabeth (Hallet) Jackson and Col. John and Elizabeth (Seaman) Jackson.  These are connections covering 4 and 5 generations of connections between not only Hewletts and Jacksons but other Colonial families as well.  Some of these folks are not directly descended from Robert of Hempstead; therefore, they won't show on the site, but having them in my data base really helps me keep these folks straight. 


      I'll mention one more item and the rest will be on the Additions Page:

      Because of conflicting info found, I have been trying to find more reliable info about Elizabeth Jackson, d/o Col. John and Elizabeth Seaman.  I did find her birth info taken from records of New York Genealogical Society records.  Her marriage to Charles Doughty is well established.  So this Note was added to the record of Elizabeth :


      Record of the marriage of Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Col. John, to Isaac Doty has been found in an old 1897 book about the Dotys.  But the dates of Isaac's children being born during about the same time period as Charles Doughty's children and the fact that Charles was still living, makes this a major conflict of data.  Until more research into this situation can be done, I am not listing the marriage to Isaac Doty; just recognizing that there is this conflicting data.  More study on this will be made in the future and anyone with more information is encouraged to email either Jerry or me.


      The Additions and Changes page had become so long, I separated it into 2005 and 2006 to make loading the page quicker.  And most of the other Additions/Changes are on the page:  http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/additionsandchanges2006.htm .  If you've been there recently, don't forget to use your refresh button.   As of the evening July 5, the web site has had 12,109 visitors and there are 8273 individuals in the data base.  I do appreciate so much everyone's contributions to this site!  You've made it fun and helpful to so many folks.


      (The actual upload was done on July 4th, but I held off sending this letter, hoping I could tell you that the Canadian Jacksons were already posted on rootsweb.  But this is going to take at least a few days longer.) 


      Janie Jackson




    • imjaniejac@aol.com
      The Jackson web site has been updated again last evening. I won t even try this time to summarize the addition and changes; but if interested, you can find
      Message 2 of 7 , Aug 21, 2006
        The Jackson web site has been updated again last evening.  I won't even try this time to summarize the addition and changes; but if interested, you can find them here:
        http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/additionsandchanges2006.htm  I won't even guarantee that all changes are listed.  The more Jerry and I do, the harder it is to keep track of smaller additions/changes.  We'll try to keep track of the major family additions and/or changes.
        We've had 13,154 visitors to the site and there are now 8724 individual in the data base.  Not all show on the web site as they are either living or are collateral families that are not direct descendants of Robert of Hempstead.  This website differs from the charts put on rootsweb in that my software creates pages just for direct descendants, spouses and the spouses' parents.  It does not show all the other historical connections, though we have them in the data base.  We found out early on that we needed the collateral family info just to help keep these folks straight!
        One interesting item coming up is a chart showing the status of the DNA Project as it pertains to our Hempstead line.  Jack McAnally is creating this chart and writing an accompanying article.  When we get it just the way we want it, I'll put it on the site.  I have absolutely no knowledge of how this works technically, but this chart helps me see relationships and I hope it will be helpful to all involved.
        My indexer says I have two link problems that I've been unable to find.  If you find a broken link, please let me know so I can fix it!
        By the way, the addresses that receive this update notice are not automated.  You are either receiving this as a one-time notice because you've recently contributed some info that I've used or you've shown continuing interest in this site.  If anyone wants to be removed from the list, let me know - or just don't contact me for a long while, and I'll eventually drop you from the list.
        Until next time, Happy Hunting,
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