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Seminar Protocols

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Dear J.D.G.Dunn Subscriber, I have been asked off list what, if any, protocols participants are expected to abide by. So before the Seminar officially begins,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2001
      Dear J.D.G.Dunn Subscriber,

      I have been asked off list what, if any, protocols participants are
      expected to abide by. So before the Seminar officially begins, I'd like
      to take this opportunity to list them here.

      1. Keep your contributions relevant to the List's focus. As has been
      noted in the recent announcement, this the question of the character of
      the oral tradition that stands behind the written Gospels and what the
      orality of that tradition means when considering the issue of the
      transmission of the Jesus tradition.

      2. When arguing a point, adhere to standard scholarly methodologies for
      doing so. Exegesis should always (at least initially) be grounded in the
      historical critical methodologies.

      3. Contributors who are not professional scholars should note that the
      academic nature of the Dunn Seminar demands that exegesis and
      discussion of the meaning of any ancient text that is adduced as
      evidence for a given argument on issues or points under discussion must
      always be based on that text's original language and wording and not on
      a, or any particular, translation of that text.

      Postings which attempt to make claims about the meaning or import of
      ancient text solely on the basis of a translation of that text are
      not acceptable

      4. Identify yourself at the end of each message by your full name as
      well as your institutional affiliation (if any), and your homage, if
      applicable. You may wish to insure that your signature is an automated
      part of any message you send to the Seminar. This can easily be done in
      through the "preferences" button in most e-mail programs.

      5. Pseudonyms in signatures or unsigned messages are not acceptable.

      6. Be courteous to all others. You may disagree with someone, but do not
      be disagreeable. Please avoid all personal criticisms. Never stoop
      to attacking
      someone personally, but always keep your comments objective and

      7. Never post messages with enclosures (attachments). If you have
      something you need to attach to your message, convert the attachment to
      plain text and included it in regular e-mail

      8. If you are spring-boarding from another post or replying to a message
      from Professor Dunn, quote only the relevant parts of messages which
      form the basis of your message. Seminar participants will better
      understand your point if you do not quote items that are not directly
      relevant to your message.

      9. Proof read your messages before sending them. Show consideration for
      your readers by observing ordinary conventions of spelling,
      capitalization, sentence construction, paragraphing, and

      10. Please include a subject heading that is relevant to the content of
      your message. Messages which are headed "question for Professor Dunn" or
      something similar are unhelpful. And If you are responding to a topic
      that was a minor aspect of a previous message, please change the
      subject heading to reflect what you are now addressing.

      11. Non-academic contributions of any kind are not appropriate on the
      Dunn Seminar. Thus, posts which intend to advance or discuss personal
      religious experiences or modern sectarian or political agendas are
      completely inappropriate--as are personal messages and commercial
      advertisements--and will not be permitted.

      Remember: All questions should be sent to the following address:


      To contact the Dunn Seminar moderators, write to us either through our
      personal e-mail addresses:



      or through



      Jeffrey Gibson

      Jeffrey B. Gibson
      7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
      Chicago, Illinois 60626
      e-mail jgibson000@...

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