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93Re: [J_D_G_DunnSeminar] Orality in Literary Composition

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  • larry.swain@wmich.edu
    May 1 12:19 PM
      I'm certain that Dr. Dunn knows about this far more than I, but a few
      instances do come to mind that are worth mentioning. There is of course
      Cicero and his secretary Tiro, Origen, and so on. There are also examples
      of texts being copied as the lector read in the Scriptorium, although this
      certainly wasn't a universal practice. Bede is also often depicted in art
      as dictating his works. Finally I will mention the icongraphy of the
      Gospel writers in early medieval manuscripts usually has them looking
      upward, with some sort of divine sign in the heavens (the three fingers
      upraised on a right hand extending from a cloud, a gleaming dove, etc.,
      although see the Ebbo Gospels), where the gospel writers seem not to be
      just inspired from above, but as secretary's writing down the divine


      On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Stephen C. Carlson wrote:

      > Dear Prof. Dunn:
      > I had read recently that before the Scholastic period in
      > the Middle Ages, authors generally did not use self-composition
      > but dictated their works to be taken down and written up.
      > In your opinion, is is true, and, if so, would this process
      > introduce an element of orality into the composition of the
      > synoptic gospels?
      > Stephen Carlson
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