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  • Rosenbaum-Werner, Hope
    May 4, 2001
      Professor Dunn: I've been lurking in your seminar these past two weeks and
      have enjoyed myself. It has been a pleasure! Althought I lurk here, I
      always find myself going for the Jewish side. So your article opened up a
      new issue for me: the transmition of the oral torah; when scripture became
      scripture and why; the actual history of (beginnings of?) the Jewish people,
      etc. Before you leave, I was hoping that you might suggest a few books to
      read on the topic of the influence of oral tradition on written "scripture"
      in Judaism -- how through oral storytelling and then through the written
      "canon", Jews came to view themselves as separate and apart from other
      nations -- not just religiously but also politically -- how Jewish
      storytelling helped Jews define "Jews" (whatever the definition might be in
      whatever time or place)? In _The Triumph of Elohim_ I very much enjoyed the
      essay _Scenes from the Early History of Judaism_ by Davies (which made good
      side reading during your seminar!) Neusner's book _Oral Tradition in
      Judaism: The Case of the Mishnah_ is out of print and (so far) un-locatable.
      I would greatly appreciate any direction you might be able to offer me.
      Thanks in advance for your reading list and thanks again for your

      Hope E. Rosenbaum-Werner
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