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El Presidente Presents....

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  • Charles Shapiro
    Make that _Proudly_ presents... The AJA TWiki Server at http://tomshiro.org/cgi-bin/twiki/view/AJA/WebHome Bookmark this URL, because there ain t a link to it
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2001
      Make that _Proudly_ presents...

      The AJA TWiki Server at

      Bookmark this URL, because there ain't a link to it at

      A few years back, the sainted Andreas Dieberger set up a wiki server for
      the AJA. It was a great help for planning the Groundhog Day Jugglers
      Festival. It kept email traffic down on this list, kept all discussions
      preserved so you could follow them from start to finish, and let us
      communicate in a new and effective way. Alas, it was only a research
      project and it went away after a few months. Ever since then, I've
      wanted a wiki of my own. Now I'm opening a wiki up to the AJA again, but
      this one won't go away any time soon.

      If you don't remember or weren't around when we had our wiki, you might
      not know how a wiki server works. It looks just like a web server that
      you can look at with your favorite browser, except that each web page
      has a button that says "Edit" on the bottom. Press that button to change
      any page & save it back to the server for others to view. If you want
      to create a brand new page on the server, edit an existing page and put
      in a word in WikiNotation (an initial capital letter followed by mixed
      case letters), and the word will have a "?" after it when you save the
      page back. Click on that "?", and you're editing your brand-new page.
      Simple. Plenty of documentation is available on the AJA TWiki to help
      you understand the other cool things you can do with it.

      Alas, I've set this server up with authentication, which means you'll
      need to enter a username & password to edit (not to view) pages. The
      anonymous user is TWikiGuest, password "guest". Register yourself by
      flunking the authentication
      (that is, press "Cancel" when your browser asks for a username and
      password). Choosing a secure password is less important than figuring
      out a memorable one, since the authentication I'm using is itself not
      very secure. Use your last name reversed or the name of the street
      where you live rather than your bank PIN or the root password to your
      PC. Your password is not stored in clear text, so I can only reset it,
      not tell you what it is.

      If you want to play with a TWiki without messing stuff up, there's a
      test web at http://tomshiro.org/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Test/WebHome. You can
      see the other webs available here in the upper right corner of every
      TWiki page. If you've read this far and think wikis might be very K00L,
      you should take a look at the Ur-wiki at http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki, and
      the TWiki web at http://twiki.sourceforge.net

      -- CHS
      Charles Shapiro
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