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FW: Madison Street Jugglers

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  • Joyce Howard
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2001
      Here's a nice note from Joe Hartman for all the AJA members:

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      Subject: Madison Street Jugglers

      Hi Joyce,

      Good to hear from you. The girls will be thrilled to hear their pictures
      might be in Juggler magazine. Thanks for including them in your
      submissions. All three girls are in the fourth grade. Their names are
      Boyd, Aubrey Fisher, and Jenna Ruiz.

      Some notes to pass on to your super friendly and wonderful club members.
      Thanks again for making us feel so welcome.

      Notes from a first time attendee, anxious and hopeful after convincing a
      number of elementary school student jugglers and their parents to make the
      long trek to Atlanta.

      As I walk through the gym doors around 8:00 Friday evening, I’m immediately
      impressed. No this is not the Dreieck Juggling Convention I attended in a
      small Southern German village two summers ago, but it easily could have
      Everybody’s friendly, nearly everybody’s juggling, and all are obviously
      happy to be there. A half a minute into the festival I’m spotted by Robby
      and David who come running up to tell me they met this really neat kid from
      Tallahassee. Moments later, as I’m exchanging travel stories with the rest
      of the folks from my school, I look over and there’s the Tallahassee
      youngster feeding clubs to Robby and David from his unicycle. Next thing
      Erica excitedly tells me someone showed her how to do Mills Mess and Aubrey,
      Jenna, and she are already starting to plan their act for the show on
      Saturday. Yes, I could tell this was going to be everything I hoped for
      more. Several days later with nothing but positive memories from our
      trip....lots of time and instruction by several of the adult jugglers, the
      generous applause for our students’ routines in the show, the inspiration
      from so many very talented jugglers, the band, the Saturday night
      the parents and student jugglers had come to same conclusion....Groundhog
      Festival 2002??? Absolutely. We will be there.

      Thanks again Joyce. You guys are great.

      Joe Hartman
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