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Twilight Milonga (tango dance), Tango class 8pm

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  • LUIC
    Twilight Milonga (formerly Oasis tango) Atlanta’s only mixed music milonga (tango dance).. Beginner Friendly early evening (tango class at 8PM).. I remember
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2012
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      Twilight Milonga (formerly Oasis tango)
      Atlanta�s only mixed music milonga (tango dance)..
      Beginner Friendly early evening (tango class at 8PM)..

      I remember dancing being uncomfortable, but that was back when I
      didn't have a clue what to do.. The uncomfortable feeling was replaced
      by fun from my very first dance lesson.

      Dancing is probably the best hobby we can have.. Have fun, get
      exercise, and meet friends all in one go.. Learn to dance and you will
      never think of going to a singles dances ever again..

      We announce TWILIGHT TANGO on several lists, plus dancers from the
      tango community show up.. We get 15-25 people.. This is not a crowded
      or loud nightclub environment..

      Typically guys lead, but we are a modern group, so any gender can lead
      or follow by choice, rather than by gender dictation. Changing lead
      and follow roles is always OK as a modern idea, just for fun, or to
      improve your dancing. Everyone is welcome at Oasis tango..,

      This not about spending years of hard work becoming a great dancer..
      There will always be dancers just as bad.. or as good as you are on
      the dance floor, and we all tend to become part of a circle of dance
      friends before you know it.. This is actually about getting the dance
      bug and having a good time at the dance socials, which is easy to do
      because dancing is fun from the very first lesson..

      Dancing is the quintessential perfect way to mingle.. The magic
      happens when you (me, anyone) is havining a good time, because this is
      when we are the most attractive to others, by being in our element,
      and in the zone.

      I suggest just showing up even if the meetup RSVP doesn't look so hot,
      because most people who show up are tango dancers from the tango
      community (and are not on meetup). Twilight milonga is a small dance
      night of 20-30 dancers (I don't want anyone to expect more and be
      disappointed).. $10 buys a tango lesson, the milonga, and light snacks..




      EXAMPLE of modern tango dance: ,

      All classes are beginner friendly, but all levels are welcome, and you
      do not need a partner.. Practice on your own, or join our class. Shoes
      should be able to pivot on the floor (not be too sticky).. Rotating
      with the class is always optional, but recommended. ,

      Twilight Milonga

      Third Saturdays at FIREFLY STUDIO..
      Tango class 8 PM..
      Yerbe Mate, Filtered water, chips, wine..
      Upgraded sound system

      * * * --- N E W --- L O C A T I O N --- * * *

      Firefly Studio
      1026-C Atlanta Avenue
      Decatur, Ga 30030
      MAP: http://fireflystudiodecatur.com/contact.html
      *** This is less than a mile from the Decatur square, with parking at
      the door. Take College Ave (Dekalb Ave, same thing), towards Little 5
      points.. Less than a mile down on the right (look for Thinking Man
      Tavern, at a light, on your right).. Located in a parking lot behind
      the tavern..


      The last year or so I have sampled several restaurants around the
      decatur square.. Here is my opinion.. Please share with the group if
      you like a place around the square (email me)..

      I have heard the Iberian pig and the thai place are both good (both
      near CORE) (but havent been to either).. Sweet Melissas is good too
      (hamburgers, etc, normal food at normal prices)..

      *** Good and affordable.. I had the chicken teriyaki several times,
      and it was great every time, and so was the soup and salad ($10.50)..
      I had a iced green tea that was good too.. Location, next to CORE
      studio on the square..

      Everyone else loves it, I didnt.. Lots of beer.. Location, next to
      CORE studio..

      PARK at the door.. This place has the best teriyaki IMHO.. More
      expensive than sushi avenue: chicken and shrimp teriyaki was about
      $15, plus $2 for the miso soup.. I usually go here because its damn
      good.. However, I did have bad chicken one time (tasted funny)..
      Located in the big parking lot behind the CVS (as you drive around the

      FROYOLO is on the square near the gazebo..
      And I was told yogurt-tap makes their own. Near java monkey coffee
      (church and ponce).. Easier parking than the square..


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