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  • Laura
    The Circus where I m going to is planning to build a circus house. It s going to look like a tent, but permanent. With the circus house we will finally have
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011
      The Circus where I'm going to is planning to build a circus house. It's going to look like a tent, but permanent. With the circus house we will finally have the opportunity to do advanced juggling, advanced acrobatics and aerial acrobatics during winter, as for now the rooms we can use ahve too low ceilings.
      We still need some money to build the circus house, so we are all trying to do some fund raising.
      My friend Helen is going to university in Manchester, England, is going to do a sponsored walk of 12 miles. And because she is giving all donations to Cicus Pimparello she is going to ride her unicycle.

      Here is what she wrote me:

      Dear All,

      On 4th March 2011 I plan to take part in the Bogle, a sponsored walk in Manchester
      organised by RAG (Raising and Giving, a fundraising organisation that is part of the
      student union). To make things a little more interesting and due to the nature of my
      cause, I will be unicycling rather than walking the 12 mile route through Manchester.

      The charity for which I am raising funds is the youth circus in Germany where I used to train and teach. I
      volunteered there regularly at holiday camps when I lived in Germany and still help out with individual projects.
      This January I was part of a team leading a training course for the next generation of trainers.

      Projects at Circus Pimparello

      The circus has a variety of projects. Those that I was most involved in are holiday camps, as I mentioned
      above and the show group. The show group is a group of around 20 young people who train regularly at
      weekends and create a piece of circus every two years. The show group is also involved in youth exchanges
      with Chicago and Kerala, India. During term time school classes can spend a week staying with pimparello and
      learn circus skills. A particularly interesting project is a cooperation with "Intensivkinder zuHause" (literally:
      intensive children at home). This involves doing circus with severely disabled children who would normally live
      in an intensive care unit, but whose parents have chosen to have their child live at home with them. The
      families spend a week in the summer with us and both the affected children and their silblings learn and
      peform circus skills. Other projects include training courses for teenagers and adults, family stays and
      international circus camps.

      The Circus House

      In 2012 Circus Pimparello is planning to build a "Circus House". This will be a permanent building with a shape
      similar to that of a circus tent, that will provide training space throughout the year. Between May and
      September training takes place in tents, but the rooms that are available for training during the winter months
      are not suited for aerial acrobatics, or advanced juggling or acrobatic techniques that require high ceilings.
      They provide only very limited space for performances. The money I raise will go towards building this house.


      You can find the circus online at www.pimparello.de. The English website is currently under construction (that's
      my job).
      Description of our circus camps: http://pimparello.de/e_a_c_allg.htm
      A short description of the association in English including more on their philosophy:


      This document is in German, but includes pictures that show why we need training space and what the circus
      house will look like: http://pimparello.de/pdf/Newsletter/2011/Sondernewsletter_Circushaus.pdf
      For more information on the bogle go to www.bogle.org.uk. The version I plan to do is the 12 mile "Bogle


      Donations can be transferred directly to Germany, given to me in form of cash or a cheque in my name, or
      transferred to my English account. If you want to pay by transfer either directly to Germany or to my account
      please drop me an email, text or ring and let me know how much you want to give. I will then send you the
      bank details and can keep track of how much I have raised.

      My contacts details

      Phone: 07575365877
      10 Welby Street
      M13 0EL

      Thanks for your support,


      If you want to donate money, please contact me, so I can get in touch with Helen,

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