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  • Jimmy
    Hi everyone, Here is the latest email from Andreas. Also, the video that Jay sent from Lao about a week ago was Falco Scheffler. He will be one of the special
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 20, 2008
      Hi everyone,

      Here is the latest email from Andreas. Also, the video that Jay sent
      from Lao about a week ago was Falco Scheffler. He will be one of the
      special guests at the WJF in Vegas this December.


      Hi. A while back I promised an update of my surgery situation and we
      have good news. My fourth and hopefully final surgery happened
      Thursday and, believe it or not, I am released from the hospital and
      back at home already. It appears that putting the bone flap in place
      was a very minor affair indeed. I am taking very minor amounts of
      painkillers and probably will discontinue those soon.

      I have a excellent scar on my head, just in time for Halloween, held
      together with steel staples, just the kind you need to scare little
      children - mmuahahaha

      I still try to rest more and I avoid lengthy phone calls (well- to be
      honest I never enjoyed long phone calls anyway). But otherwise I am
      doing really well. I am not even extremely exhausted which actually
      surprised me. It almost feel like a regular day, except that I didn't
      have to wear the helmet any more. I do still have to be very careful
      not to bonk my head. Also again there is the risk of infections. So
      swimming is out of the question for a few weeks and I will wait a bit
      longer before going into the pool than I did last time. Gentle
      exercise is ok but I will wait a bit for a while too to really go
      back to exercising. 4 surgeries is enough!

      My main goals now are to motivate myself to practice more writing,
      typing, drawing which I ignored a bit recently. I was thinking I
      could check that off but was totally wrong. Indeed it seems you have
      to keep practicing every day till they really stick for good.
      Similarly I will have to work harder on balance, and using my left
      hand. It's depressing to see how these skills go away without
      constant work. Which means my days are busy as usual and are likely
      to stay this way.

      I apologize if some email folks still don't get this email. I think
      the the list is getting long and that seems to be part of the
      problem. Oh, I finally posted a few new pieces to my blog, I cannot
      remember if I talked about that on the last update already. Just in
      case I didn't here are the urls:
      Blog: http://andreasart.blogspot.com/
      Web site which hasn't seen an update in 2 years:

      Thank you all for good prayers, wishes, cards, and good thoughts.
      They helped both a lot.

      Andreas and Margery

      Andreas Dieberger - Painting, Printmaking


    • Jimmy
      Hi all, Here is the latest email from Andreas. Jimmy Hi, it s time for am update I think, and I have a few nice new things to talk about. My last update was
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 23, 2008
        Hi all,

        Here is the latest email from Andreas.


        Hi, it's time for am update I think, and I have a few nice new things
        to talk about. My last update was about a month ago, about a month
        ago, before I had my last (final, I hope) surgery. This update went
        like a breeze. I stayed in the hospital just for a day and then went
        home. Who would have thought that brain surgeries become so run-off-
        the-mill that they do it like that ;) well, part of it was that they
        actually didn't actually have to touch the brain and only a
        replacement bone plate in place and that was that. I barely needed
        painkillers. I walked home with an impressive display of metal
        staples in my skull which looked great - instant halloween costume.
        Unfortunately the staples got removed in the meantime so now I have
        only a puny scar and have to think about a halloween costume again :(

        That said I do need to be aware that this condition could be
        temporary. There is no way to tell whether I keep improving like
        that. I seem to tolerate my chemo pills like it was just candy. There
        is no telling whether that will change either. I do have issues with
        my venes already which makes it really hard to draw blood, for
        instance. It seems I will continue to have chemo for the next months
        every month. As I said, I seem to tolerate it surprisingly well for
        the time being. Let's keep those fingers crossed...

        In the last few weeks I began to design my own type of rehab. I had
        noticed that I had to stay very active but in a very planned way to
        continue improving. My "work day" starts after breakfast and then I
        work on my exercises for at least 2-3 hours. This is a combination of
        juggling (balance and working on both hemispheres involved), then I
        work on reading aloud as this give me problems, then I write or draw.
        Then a break with juggling, then the same again just using with
        German as I need to work on that too. Then rinse and repeat until I
        ran out of time or energy. Nap for a while for rest, then either more
        of the same or do other work (paper work, or whatever else is
        necessary). Or I work on typing like this week. It is really a pretty
        hard work out, especially on some days. Unfortunately I cannot always
        work on the full program because there are other things that get in
        the way, but I *feel* it works well for me when I do it regularly.
        But it is a lot of work, that's for sure.

        This week I focused on typing and used the time to finally work on a
        new web site (using iWeb). I include a link below. Here you can see
        not only some of recent art but also a collection of earlier stuff. I
        wanted to show this for quite a while already but never had time to
        make a site. I hope you like it. The site also shows some of my glass
        work and some of my t shirt designs. This way I got new site but a
        lot of exercises for typing and getting much comfortable with
        computer work. It is getting much better than I used to be but typing
        is still too slow and I make many errors.

        Well, here is update. I hope you like what I read and that you also
        like the new site. I and Margery send you all the best from afar,

        Andreas & Margery

        And the new site and blog are here:

        Andreas Dieberger - Painting, Printmaking

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