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Re: Laptop... Buying... Help

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  • sglpics
    Hello to all my Atlanta juggling friends: Alfredo Fettucini here, up in Charlotte, NC. I gotta chime in on this one. Of course, being a Mac owner, I can t help
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2003
      Hello to all my Atlanta juggling friends:
      Alfredo Fettucini here, up in Charlotte, NC. I gotta chime in on this
      one. Of
      course, being a Mac owner, I can't help but reccomend either an iBook
      or a
      Powerbook. A lot less bugs and hardly any viruses affect us Mac
      users. Get
      one with Superdrive and you can burn DVD's no problem. All the
      features you
      were looking for in a laptop are standard in most Mac laptops.
      network, no problem. The new Mac version of Microsoft Office is the
      version. Even the Micrsoft programmers who wrote the software have
      admitted that the Mac version is better than the Windoze version.
      For burning DVDs you can't beat the ease and convenience of iDVD, a
      Mac application. Also, iTunes is one of the easiest and coolest
      management programs out there. Put it together withg an iPod and it
      amazing what all it can do. iMovie is what I used to edit the new
      video with (http://www.fettucinibrothers.com). I have used my iBook
      to play our
      video and DVD at our booth at various booking conferences throughout
      past year. It works great and always generates a lot of attention.
      Very high
      cool factor. Once we get them into the booth looking at the iBook
      then we
      hook 'em on booking a Fettucini show.
      And, yes, Mac/Apple's (they are the same) latest OS does run on
      UNIX. While
      you might pay a little more for a Mac laptop as compared to others,
      in my
      humble opinion you will be getting a faster, more stable, more user
      (not to mention way cooler) computer. I've included the link to
      Apple's website
      if you want to investigate further. Happy hunting.
      Pasta La Vista...

      Steve aka Alfredo Fettucini

      --- In JUGGLING_GA@yahoogroups.com, Bobbler <bobbler@e...> wrote:
      > I'm about to get a laptop, with all the bells and whistles. I
      know a lot of my
      juggler friends know lots about computers (so here we are). Any
      suggestions please. I thought about taking this discussion off the
      list, but a lot
      of us are computer people anyways...
      > I would like to leave MS is the dust, because of all the damn
      bugs... and
      virus. But I dont want to give up features. For example, can I
      still use the
      wireless netwk at home? Can I still use WORD, and have it write in
      compatable fmt (to other PC's?). Are there good websites that
      explain the diff
      > Im looking to burn DVD's (getting a camcorder... to use with
      dancing.. I plan
      to burn DVD's to help practice... with jump to menu's to the
      moves)... Also I
      can keep some music on the HD for dance play as well... (anyone know
      good pgm to work as a jukebox?). The other thing I want to do is
      burn DVD's
      (with the movies I want at well over $20 each... sorry).
      > Right now I'm looking at the Dell 8600.
      > It has a P M chip... that seems to be a notebook version of chip
      (to save
      power). The P M chip will be 1.4 Gig HZ... I notice a comparably
      prices 8500
      notebook puts in a P4 at 3.x GHZ (I cant seem to figure out the diff
      since its
      apples and oranges).
      > Im looking at 512 Meg MEM... can go ahead and fill up the DIMM's
      save $125)...
      > For the display... I priced the thing adding the best available
      display and vid
      card (this added $300). Using a WUXGA (1920 x 1200 Display and a
      NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5650 Graphics card... I'm thinking the playing of
      pieces of video will be the major use for the laptop (so Im wondering
      if the
      $300 extra would be well spent). *** There was a 64 MEG graphics
      card, and
      a 32 card. (three levels of display too).
      > Does Mac (same as apple... right?) run on UNIX? If so is there
      emulator program that connects the oper sys to MS windows (to get MS
      office)... Or is there a version of office written for Mac? Is
      this the same deal
      for Linux?
      > Any tips welcome.
      > BObbler
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      > -- Bobbler@e... --
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