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L5PCommunity Center changes

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  • Shifalo, Toni
    OK, club, here s the scoop: The Board of Directors at L5PCom Ctr is implementing a major change in the structure that will apply to all tenants. I am already
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      OK, club, here's the scoop: The Board of Directors at L5PCom Ctr is implementing a major change in the structure that will apply to all tenants. I am already on the Board and canNOT be the one who responds to this dictum. Someone of you MUST step forward and pick up the gauntlet. I will assist as I am able but I am not eligible to be the representative from the AJA. Please let me know who is interested in being our RAC rep. Here's the memo:


      March 3, 2003

      To: Residents of the Little Five Points Community Center

      From: Kathie deNobriga, Board Chair

      The Board of the Community Center has been discussing the need for a new board structure, and we have designed a plan that we want to share with you, the residents. When this decision is implemented, all tenants will be required to participate on a Residents Advisory Council.

      We urge you to send a representative to the next Board meeting on Tuesday, March 11, 6:30 -8pm, when we can explain the new structure, hear your questions and further fine-tune the new design. We will be meeting in Room #006, downstairs.

      We are taking this bold action to address several long-standing issues: the difficulty of finding new (non-tenant) board members, the struggle to keep rents low, and the desire to have residents who are well-informed about the building's affairs.

      As a board, we think that this new structure will help us address these issues. It will allow the board to meet quarterly, while the ongoing business of the building is addressed by the building director and the newly-formed Residents Advisory Council (RAC). A more efficient and active board can be more successful in raising money for needed repairs and improvements.

      In brief, under the new structure, every resident organization will be expected to send a representative to a bi-monthly meeting (they'll be short - about an hour). In addition, residents will take turns preparing a short program for the board. And finally, each resident will be asked to assist on one committee of the board.

      We look forward to talking with you on March 11 about this new plan, as we hope to implement it as quickly as possible. Please refer to the second page for more details about the two bodies, their roles and responsibilities.


      The Board of Directors will meet quarterly, with additional committee work as needed. These quarterly meetings will include a short program, open to the public and presented by resident organizations on a rotating basis.

      The Residents' Advisory Council (RAC) will meet bi-monthly, primarily to advise the Board about the building's needs, as well as to keep all residents informed about building maintenance and repair, safety and security, janitorial issues, etc.

      * The board will be comprised of 50% tenants (nominated by the RAC) and 50% neighborhood and community members. The Board meets quarterly, for two hours (estimated).
      * In addition, each board member will work on one committee:
      1) fundraising/resource development
      2) golf tournament
      3) capital improvements
      4) executive committee
      5) monitoring of annual plan
      6) nomination/board development
      7) marketing/visibility/community service

      Responsibilities include:
      * developing and monitoring the budget
      * fundraising as needed for capital improvements
      * insuring legal/fiscal compliance with all applicable laws, grant conditions, etc.
      * responding to tenant concerns in a timely way
      * making policy about building use, tenant activity, etc.
      * hiring/firing/evaluating staff
      * approving new permanent tenants

      * All permanent tenants (signing a lease of six months or longer) will send a representative to a bi-monthly meeting of the Residents' Advisory Council. This representative is responsible for taking information back to the organization. The RAC will meet every other month for one hour, near the close of business (suggestion: Tues. or Wed. at 5pm). Resident organizations must designate an official representative and up to two alternates. Total time estimated: 6-8 hours per year.
      * Incentives for participation might include reimbursement of rent surcharges at the end of the year, depending on attendance. Organizations who miss two consecutive meetings and/or more than three meetings a year total may be subject to a rent increase. Other options can be explored.
      * Every resident organization must work on one committee of the Board or volunteer for one fund-raising event. Total time estimated: 10-12 hours per year.
      Responsibilities include:
      * developing a prioritized needs assessment for maintenance, janitorial and repairs
      * reviewing applicants for permanent status, and making recommendation to the Board
      * designating up to five members to serve on the Board, on 3-year terms
      * meeting with the Board of Directors as a whole once a year, for Strategic Planning (one of the regular bi-monthly meetings)
      * providing a program (20-30 minutes) for the Board meetings. Based on current numbers in the building, each organization will be responsible for this once every three years. These activities will be promoted to the public by the Center staff, thereby increasing our visibility and service to the neighborhood.

      Example of Schedule:
      Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
      RAC x x x x x x
      BoD x x x x

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