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    Jul 27, 2014
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      I am out of the office at a Dude Ranch in Idaho with limited access to internet and cell service. I will be checking messages and will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience.


      On Jul 21, 2014, at 8:52 AM, Caroline carlislec@... [JUGGLING_GA] <JUGGLING_GA@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > Guy joggled a marathon backwards!
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> You're going to drop the ball. Count on it. No matter what you do in life,
> sooner or later, you're going to drop the ball.
> That's OK. Joe Salter has dropped a few in his life, and he's a world
> record juggler. The key is to not worry about dropping the ball.
> The key, Salter said, "is picking it up after you drop it."
> Salter, 33, is the author of "Juggling through the Jungle," a recently
> released children's book about a boy who juggles through the jungle,
> meeting a variety of animals along the way. Each animal leaves the boy with
> a new ball and an important life lesson. Salter, a married father of two
> who lives in Marcus Pointe, has long used juggling as a motivational tool,
> and the book is another extension of that motivational urge.
> "I hope the book inspires kids to not give up and go for their goals," said
> Salter, a licensed mental health counselor who graduated from Pensacola
> Catholic High and the University of West Florida. "It teaches kids to stay
> balanced."
> And don't worry about dropping the ball. It happens.
> "To be a good juggler, you have to have a short-term memory," Salter said
> while juggling three orange balls in his front yard. "The only bad drop is
> a drop you don't pick up."
> Salter, who has used his "motivational juggling" skills to entertain and
> inspire children at numerous schools and hospitals, isn't your
> run-of-the-mill juggler. He's a running juggler, a "joggler," whose
> greatest feats go far beyond standard juggling. About 26 miles beyond.
> Last year, he set a world record for "joggling" backward during the Quad
> City Marathon in Illinois. Salter finished the 26-mile course in five hours
> and 51 minutes. He juggled three balls the whole time, while running
> backward. He had two drops after the 23-mile mark when he stepped in
> potholes.
> After he crossed the finish line, Salter was disoriented for a bit.
> "I had cramps, spasms in my legs," he said. "And I didn't turn around at
> all, so when I stopped and walked forward it was like the earth was
> shaking."
> It's not Salter's only foray into extreme juggling. He's also finished a
> triathlon -- biking, running and swimming -- while juggling.
> He juggled two balls while bike riding, juggling with one hand and steering
> with the other. During the swimming portion, he swam on his back juggling.
> "These records, one of the reasons I do those kind of events, is to use the
> stories and experiences to inspire kids," he said.
> It was his father, Mickey Salter, who inspired him.
> Mickey Salter, a musician and actor at one time, was also a juggler who
> entertained on riverboats on the Mississippi River. He inspired his son to
> learn to juggle at age 9.
> "I'd practice in my grandma's basement and show her my new tricks," he
> said. "I'd run around the neighborhood juggling."
> So the son learned too, but he mainly used his juggling skills to enhance
> his eye-hand coordination to assist him in basketball, which he played at
> Catholic High.
> He left juggling behind for a while but picked it back up at the University
> of West Florida.
> "I mainly used it as stress relief and to cheer people up," he said. "I
> worked hospital transport, and I'd use juggling to cheer patients up."
> He said the book pushes juggling -- his passion -- but it is more about
> motivation.
> "It all comes together with positive messages."
> *In you go*
> Joe Salter will sign and read copies of his book, "Juggling through the
> Jungle" at 11 a.m. Aug. 9 at Barnes & Noble, 1200 Airport Blvd.
> Details: www.jugglingthroughthejungle.com.
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