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4986Re: [JUGGLING_GA] New renegade clubs ------ DOWEL SIZE

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  • Bobs Bs Mail
    Jan 20, 2014
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      Got 9-orange, with orange decoration.  
      Hopefully I remember how to juggle.. 
      (Last ghd last time).  

      I wish I got the white rubbler.. 
      It seems to be black rubbers stick.  

      On Jan 17, 2014, at 3:51 AM, Bobs Bs Mail <bobbler@...> wrote:


      Dowel size?

      Copied below, renegade toms advice on dowel and round knobs., 

      I think I tried the round knobs last year, and felt exactly as Tom described.   (No to round knob).

      3/4 or 13/16 .. So 1/16 less is the lightweight, but they say they also dropped the bulb weight a little too..  

      I kind of want the 3/4 dowel, but I'm afraid to risk the clubs being too light.  I'm thinking numbers jugglers would prefer the 3/4 dowel, and light weight would be desirable., but I've noticed there s a point when a club is to light, you want to stop the juggling pattern and get a real club., or is this just me?  



      cannot switch knobs once you put them on, the handle and dowel are both cut different. Piruettes is a name jugglestore gave px3 wrong name. Px3 are not great for passing in my view to light.

      thanks tom

      On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 10:06 AM, Bobbler EarthLink <bobbler@...> wrote:
      I think I'm old school too, since I had to ask someone if everyone was still using 95s.   

      I was wondering if the dowel is cut a different length on purpose (because the round knobs are longer).. If I can cut them off and revert to the regular knobs myself, I might risk trying the round ones.  But I hate short clubs (the Howard's here in Atlanta ordered some short, so I'm sure, lol).  

      I think I'll skip the 3/4, dowel then, unless they are very poluar.. I wouldn't like the club too light (the 85's don't feel right to me)., probably I would be more happy if my clubs matched what other passers have.   

      I have never heard of Piruetttes, what are they.   There is a piece of the conversation below, where a friend told me about these clubs. I said I hated the Wiggley handle on the PX3.  And he said the Piruetttes ave a less wiggly handle..  I know I wouldn't like them unless they are substantially similar to the 95s though,   

      On Jan 16, 2014, at 11:05 AM, Renegade Juggling <sales@...> wrote:

      I just cannot get used to the round knob, I also pass clubs, maybe I am too old school. It just seems odd
      somehow, it is much bigger and that seem to be no advantage for club passing. I just don't like them for some reason? The knob is longer so it makes the handle area shorter maybe that is why?

      We can ship the same day your order in most case or the next day.

      We have change the body weight of 95mm the shell is now 10 grams lighter, I think it is a big improvement a little lighter but not too light for club passing. The 3/4 dowel was a weight savings measure, but the 10 gram shell weight reduction makes up for this so 3/4 now has no clear advantage other than for indoor only juggling ,with light clubs 220 grams. All the eruopean brands are very light sub 225gram, as almost one passes outside, all gym jugglers. It is not possible to pass good outside at under 240 grams outside, 250 is best.

      Piruetttes what brand are you looking at I can tell you about them then?

      thanks tom

      On Jan 16, 2014, at 2:43 AM, Bobs Bs Mail <bobbler@...> wrote:


      I might get white., seems easy enough to glue new ones on (worst case).  

      I think I'm down to the last choice,,, round knob or regular., 

      I think solo and numbers jugglers don't care about the knob (throw it where you catch it), but for passing (my main use), I always like to feel the rubber as I throw..  

      Ill ask renegade is the dowel is same length for found knobs (since the knobs extend length, I'm thinking the dowel is shorter).. It would be easier choice if I could just cut them off if I change my mind.   

      I used to always get sets if 12 come to think of it., spit sure would make them last longer..  

      I look at the piruettes online., if they don't feel substantially similar to the 95's I won't like them.  


      On Jan 15, 2014, at 7:54 PM, Justin Mullins <rocketman5421@...> wrote:


      Could just be I need to juggle more : P 

      Nah, I've had really good luck with my white knobs, but again, I think this is probably due to me being overly protective of them. I don't clean them either. I have only put them through one intense year of juggling, so as far as long term durability goes I can't say too much. I did check and they are glued around the edges. If you're weary about it, and don't perform, I'd just go with the black for peace of mind. I also got 12 of them because they were pretty cheap >> so if I only had 3 I'm sure I'd see more signs of wear by now. I like to get a lot, and then as they all wear in, if something happens to one of them, I'm not out a full  matching set for my needs. It's very possible his 1 year of juggling was 3 years on mine. Ahh well. Hope that at least helps. 

      Oh, another thought about henry's. If you tried the delphins, I would give the piruettes a shot. They are similar to the px3s but indeed have a little less flex. They are thin, but comfy, and I found them great for higher numbers/throws. I would get short handle for the folks that like a faster spinning club, or 3 club solo stuff. 

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