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4981Re: [JUGGLING_GA] New renegade clubs

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  • Justin Mullins
    Jan 15, 2014
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      Could just be I need to juggle more : P 

      Nah, I've had really good luck with my white knobs, but again, I think this is probably due to me being overly protective of them. I don't clean them either. I have only put them through one intense year of juggling, so as far as long term durability goes I can't say too much. I did check and they are glued around the edges. If you're weary about it, and don't perform, I'd just go with the black for peace of mind. I also got 12 of them because they were pretty cheap >> so if I only had 3 I'm sure I'd see more signs of wear by now. I like to get a lot, and then as they all wear in, if something happens to one of them, I'm not out a full  matching set for my needs. It's very possible his 1 year of juggling was 3 years on mine. Ahh well. Hope that at least helps. 

      Oh, another thought about henry's. If you tried the delphins, I would give the piruettes a shot. They are similar to the px3s but indeed have a little less flex. They are thin, but comfy, and I found them great for higher numbers/throws. I would get short handle for the folks that like a faster spinning club, or 3 club solo stuff. 
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