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4975Re: [JUGGLING_GA] New renegade clubs

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  • Charles Shapiro
    Jan 15, 2014
      Gearheads.  Props are just markers to show where your hands are.

      -- CHS

      On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 6:26 AM, Justin Mullins <rocketman5421@...> wrote:


      Sad to hear about the old clubs. 

      95s are a great balance. I enjoy my 85s, but for passing 95s are the way to go. 

      haven't tried the round knobs but I like the original. They don't get in the way, and are good for just about everything. I will say that the one complaint I've had about the renegades is the knob design. I liked my px3s because they weren't glued on. Not that I've had trouble with the renegades popping off, but I have seen old clubs where the knob simply deteriorates in a circle around where all the stress is because they don't glue anything but the tip of the rod. Not sure if that's still true. Anyway I felt fine doing flairs with my px3s and swinging away at the knob, but I'm more careful about putting excessive stresses on the renegade knobs. 

      can't tell a huge difference in the handle sizes. It's not a large difference in weight either. I stuck with the normal weight. Either is probably fine. Renegades don't have a very soft handle, but if you're looking for that, I would suggest wrapped handles only. The unwrapped use a different plastic that is thicker, and basically a brick to juggle. Jimmy has them and they are extremely inappropriate for any higher numbers. I can't juggle 5 with them for more than a few dozen throws before I have to put them down. The other thing to look into is the hybrids. You can get a px3 handle with a renegade bulb. The px3 handles are much softer, but I'm not sure if that's an attribute more of the plastic being flexible, or the plastic rod in the center having more flex than the wood rods renegade uses. I'm sure it has something to do with both, but not sure how profound that change would be. 

      I have white knobs because I juggle indoors, and it doesn't mark a gym floor or walls. I've had them for a while with no durability issues. I would say they became more tacky rather than slippery as I used them, but definitely more smooth. I would ask renegade how their knobs have changed. It's quite possible the compound they use is better now. They look to me to be very similar in feel to the black ones. I imagine they'll be good for a number of years either way. Some of the old black knob renegades feel spongier than mine, but newer ones feel the same, and I would venture that will happen to mine too as they age. I would, and did, buy based on looks, they're too similar not to. 

      I am also a fan of not having decorations because of the amount I juggle, and the durability factor of them. But I will say I enjoy the extra weight they provide towards the bulb of the club, and perhaps that is even more noticeable on the 85s because the bulb is already smaller and they are closer to a short handle feel because of it. I still opted for single color, it's a personal preference here. I think the balance is better on the 95s overall though, and prefer those undecorated for the same reason, but going the other way. 

      7 is a good number, if you think you'll need it, get 8. : P 

      You'll get used to whatever you juggle. : )

      Best of luck shopping around. I would say look at other companies, but Dube's are god awful in nearly every way and cost a ton. Henry's are very good and the more I juggle them the more I'm convinced they'll be my next club, but everybody juggles Renegades around here, so if you like them to match, well.... 


      On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 5:55 AM, Bobbler EarthLink <bobbler@...> wrote:
      Mine were stolen (car break in).
      Buying new clubs.

      It seems I've been missing the juggling meetings..
      If anyone has club opinions, please speak up.

      Is renegade still slow?

      I think I want 95's again., They always felt perfect in my hand., I juggled 105's got used to the weight, but still love the 95's.,

      Or the regular? I think I tried round knobs for a few min last year, and I think I remember them catching in my hand (that little knick after you already threw the club)..
      Has anyone bought the round knobs, hated them, then got see to them? Are they more delicate than regular knobs?

      3/4 dowel:
      They say 1/16 smaller dowel is the light weight version. I'm tempted., but I remember when I had Henry's, the lighter smaller handles hurt my hands more (I think because the small handle was hard, and concentrated the bone smack).. And, I'm a club passer, so I would hate for the LIBs to be too light (I doubt ill ever get 5-clubs at my age)..

      They say the black rubber more durable, and I remember it seemed that way too.. And the white would even turn slippery and fragile feeling., interesting., perhaps the pigment? Or different formulation to make it white.,

      I'm thinking 7-will be enough., since people usually have clubs when I go to juggle.

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