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4912Fwd: Help with a video for Dad's Garage Theatre?

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  • Joyce Howard
    Jul 14, 2013
      I wrote back and told her that many of us are in Bowling Green this week at
      the IJA festival. Is anyone in town who could help out these folks on
      Tuesday? Please feel free to email her directly if you can help.

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      From: Megan Gane <meganrgane@...>
      Date: Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 10:11 PM
      Subject: Help with a video for Dad's Garage Theatre?
      To: aja@...


      I work for Dad's Garage Theatre and we're putting together a little video
      to help our patrons and fans understand that we're not closing our doors,
      just moving in with 7 Stages down the street. We're basically going to
      start at Dad's Garage and follow our Artistic Director Kevin Gillese down
      the street and over to 7 Stages where he encounters local people and
      theatre members along the way.

      We'd love to have The Atlanta Juggler's Association make a cameo in the
      video if at all possible. We're also asking Seed & Feed, just fyi. It would
      be two short scenes, the first at 7 Stages inside the lobby where everyone
      is celebrating, and the second in the parking lot of y'alls building as
      Kevin rides his bike by and waves.

      We're shooting this Tuesday, July 16th during the day, and will most likely
      be shooting these scenes at noon.

      Is it possible to have y'all on board?

      Megan Reilly Gane
      Film, Video + Photo Producer
      DGTV/Dad's Garage Theatre

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