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  • “Looking like a stack of poker chips” indicates to me that the computer is busy and the sound card is slipping a processor clock tick, that is not the same as the real time clock for starting and stopping the transmission. When the microprocessor is busy it will wait for the current process to finish before starting the next process in it’s stack. I have this problem with...
    Bruce Blackburn Nov 18, 2013
  • The intro first, N0NHP and if you have been working 10M you have probably worked me. I am a No Code Extra not for lack of trying at the code, just because I have no ear for code or foreign languages. I have been a professional LMR tech and general electronic tech for 30+ years with many more stories about places and things than you want to read about. I am seeing a problem with...
    nzeronhp@... Nov 14, 2013