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  • ...Now it will only decode JT65 when set to monitor both signals. If I select decode JT9 only it works fine. Any ideas?? > > > Jim K2QB >
    k2qb@... Dec 2, 2013
  • I'm currently running WSJTX v1., R3563. Up until a few nights ago when decoding both JT65 and JT9 it would decode either signal and flag it accordingly with either the # or the @sign. Now it will only decode JT65 when set to monitor both signals. If I select decode JT9 only it works fine. Any ideas?? Jim K2QB
    k2qb@... Nov 29, 2013
  • Intereting. Well I ahve the correct rig selected, FT2000 and the correct parameters set. I use the FT2K with Logger32, N1MM, MTTY, FLDIGI and all work just fine. Never have been able to get it to work with either JT9 or JT65. ---In JT9digitalhams@^$1, wrote: Many folks have WSJT-X CAT control working. Works fine with my Omni VII and Eagle radios. What rig do you have selected under...
    k2qb@... Sep 27, 2013
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  • Has anyone ever been able to get the CAT contro working with their particular radio? I am running a FT2K and never could get it to display the frequency. Or is the frequency on the JT9 window just there for window dressing?
    k2qb@... Sep 26, 2013
  • Just upgraded to the latest version of JT Alert and followed the instructions for doing a log scan and update. Well my wanted list for JT65 updated fine but everything for JT9 now shows as needed. What did I do wrong?
    jim_k2qb Aug 25, 2013
  • Welcome to the digital modes...well I can provide my two cents on a couple of your questiosn and I'm sure soemone with a little more expertise can provide more details: As far as CQ'ing I don't think there is any guideline. I call CQ on either time slot and really haven't notice any more or less of a success rate on either. I also let the program send out the signal report. Just...
    jim_k2qb Jun 13, 2013
  • Laurie I relayed your comments to the Logger32 folks and their reply was "rubbish". There are a host of third party programs that interface with Logger32 with no problems. For what it's worth. --- In JT9digitalhams@^$1, "Laurie, VK3AMA" wrote: > > Most loggers use adif as the standard format to get QSOs from one logger > to another, not as the log file for the application. Adif is...
    jim_k2qb Apr 29, 2013
  • My personal logging program is not supported which is fine. I am trying to use the JT Alert Standard log file in order to use the alert function. Under settings I have checked Enable Standard ADIF Logging but when JT Alert starts I get the following message ERROR: JT65-HF Log File Path Not Found. Log Path: C\Users\Desktop\JT65 QSO's\. I'm assuming that I somehow set the path to...
    jim_k2qb Apr 29, 2013
  • Doesn't it seem backwards that under the Needed Country Setting all the countries show up under the Not Wanted Column? That means you have to move the majority and maybe all 340 over to the Wanted column to start. Seems to makemore sense to have them all under the Wanted column when startimng so you could select the few you may have already worked over to the Not Wanted column. Or...
    jim_k2qb Apr 25, 2013
  • Trying to get this to work with my FT2000 with no success either. --- In JT9digitalhams@^$1, "Jim - N4ST" wrote: > > Les, > I don't think you can have any software running CAT control of your rig > except WSJT-X. > If you change the frequency in the dropdown menu on WSJT-X, your rig should > follow. > I can't say if this is fully functioning/debugged with the Flex, but that's > how...
    jim_k2qb Apr 25, 2013