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  • Anyone using the new, version yet? It is a bit different but so far I like what I see other then the pink free text box Ron VA7HZ
    bctech58@... Mar 26
  • Sorry everyone for the latest round of spam Scott and I thought we had it contained but sadly no, we may have to consider some changes such as only approving members with a valid callsign. We will continue to monitor and access the situation in the coming days Thank you for your patience and again sorry for subjecting you that crap. Ron VA7Hz Scott KN3A
    bctech58@... Jan 19
  • Just about any rig with SSB will work I use a Kenwood TS590 and a Flex 5K but you don't need to. I'd say start on 20m as it has the most activity followed by 15m then 17 and 30. Good luck and will look for you on the waterfall 73 Ron VA7HZ -------- Original message -------- From: "Steve wb3lgc@^$1 [JT9digitalhams]" Date: 10-09-2014 04:37 (GMT-08:00) To: JT9digitalhams@^$2 Subject...
    bctech58 Sep 10, 2014
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  • Check k3uks webpage http://www.obriensweb.com/sked/ North Dakota can be a tough one You're not in VT are you? HiHi 73 Ron VA7HZ -------- Original message -------- From "hal.k6rf@^$1 [JT9digitalhams]" Date: 09-08-2014 13:34 (GMT-08:00) To JT9digitalhams@^$2 Subject [JT9digitalhams] Looking for North Dakota to complete QRP WAS Digital I know your out there H E L P !
    bctech58 Aug 9, 2014
  • sorry I didn't see your follow up question. Yes Some times I'll play with the gain but the most part I leave it all the same ----- Original Message ----- From: WB2HTO@^$1 To: JT9digitalhams@^$2 Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2013 6:29:38 AM Subject: [JT9digitalhams] RE: JT9 settngs? Thank you, Ron. Same for 20 meters?
    Ron Brown Jan 9, 2014
  • My comments in red below. I'm not sure if these settings will work for you as some pertain to your filtering noise levels etc but it works for me On 12/21/2013 21:03, WB2HTO@^$1 wrote: Would someone recommend best settings for 160 meter operation? Bits/Pixel: 5 N Avg: 5 Gain: -2 Zero: 12 Slope: 1.3 Assuming Deepest decode. Also USB and 1840(allthugh seeing 1838 as proposed...
    Ron Dec 21, 2013
  • I'm not in front of my station computer but there is a text file in the wsjtx folder There's a few but there is one called All.txt which is the one I think you need ,you can check some others that are there as well I know I've had to check it under the same circumstances Good Luck Ron VA7Hz On 13-10-15 02:06 PM, rag040@^$1 wrote: Is there any way to check history on a JT9 QSO? I...
    Ron Brown Oct 15, 2013
  • Under the View Menu did Waterfall get unchecked? I know it seems silly but I have to ask Ron VA7Hz On 13-09-12 10:25 AM, n6ry@^$1 wrote: I find that the spectrum display (under the waterfall) doesn't work for me with this beta release. Seemed fine in version 1.1. Am I alone? 73, Terry N6RY
    Ron Brown Sep 12, 2013
  • I have attached this really early version I think this is what you're looking for 73 Ron VA7Hz On 9/9/2013 8:00, roley_g3vir wrote: Has anyone got a copy of the older software that only does JT-9 please. Roley G3VIR
    Ron Sep 9, 2013
  • Yes welcome to the group and hope to work you soon best advice watch the QSO in progress and if you want to work the station call up or down the waterfall on the opposite minute I've had hams call right over top the station I'm currently working So then I need to repeat which actually makes it longer for you to wait Call up or down and I'll see you and depending who I'm working I...
    Ron Brown Aug 14, 2013