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9JT9-2 Operations

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  • planet_ka1gmn
    Apr 1, 2013
      JT9-2 has a 3 dB advantage over JT9-1 not to mention that it only occupies only 7Hz of bandwidth.

      I have made a half dozen contacts with JT9-2 and was impressed how well it worked. Unfortunately, no DX contacts. Considering it take 12 minutes to complete a QSO, its a mode that does well when parties schedule their times.

      If anyone is interested, please post under this topic. I can operate on 40-30-20-17-15. 40 and 30 meters are my best for DX while the others are good for North American paths.

      A mode like this encourages repeat contacts. No such thing as "worked u b4" from this operator.

      When running JT9-2, I tend to hang out on dail_frequency + 1100Hz.

      Phil de KA1GMN