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532Re: 160 Meter Activity

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  • w5xz@att.net
    Jul 8, 2014
      'top band' still IS 'the gentlemen's band', for the most part...

      it's extra challenging from suburban QTH's. but, with some sort of vertical,
       ( a g5rv with the feeders tied in parallel, fed against ground, works surprisingly well )
       and as many radials as you can get out, it's usable.  low dipoles just 
       don't seem to cut it, for dx'ing, unless you live on the edge of a cliff.

      a directional Rx antenna helps a lot also; I use a HiZ 4sq, on opposite
       sides of my house, plus a pair of K9AY's fed 180 out, per K4IQJ..
       on a small lot, it's imperative to de-tune, or float, the Tx antenna during
       receive, in my experience.

      w KW power on cw, it's not too tough to get DXCC in a season or two,
       unless you live on the west coast..< grin.. >

      just trying to extend the season with my first attempts at digi modes.
       any advice appreciated.

      73, w5xz, dan

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