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480K3 / SLUSB / MacBook Air Laptop / WSJT-X Newbie

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  • Jim Bennett
    Dec 23, 2013
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      I'm wondering if there are any folks in this group who are using a Mac computer with their K3, a SignaLink USB, and have had success with the installation and operation of WSJT-X for Mac OS? I'd like to run JT9 and if possible, avoid having to run the Windows version under VMware Fusion and Windows XP. There is a native OS X version of WSJT-X; I've downloaded it and followed the installation instructions. I can get the program to start up but this is my first exposure to WSJT and I'm pretty lost. I'd like to have the K3's frequency displayed on the WSJT screen, but I'm kinda (no, totally) lost as to how to set up the configuration, especially in the CAT area.

      Jeeze, the first steps into a new mode like this certainly are a wakeup call as to how far behind the curve one is...! :-(

      Please reply on or off list if you can help.

      Regards, Jim / W6JHB at arrl dot net
      Folsom, CA (three miles from The Big House)