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471Re: [JT9digitalhams] Decoding anomaly

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  • Joel
    Dec 7, 2013
      Yes me too.   Sometimes it just quits decoding and you need to kill the program and restart it
      I have lost quite a few contacts that way.  I have a slower system ( Single core 2 Ghz 1gb ram )
      and it barely keeps up as it is when I run WSJTX I have to leave that as the only program running.

      If the band is not crowded with JT65 signals I can run JT Alert  too but  on a crowded JT65 band
      my decodes sometimes do not complete in a full minute, then it overruns and gets dead and the
      decodes stop.  I was thinking this was all because of my slow computer that I have dedicated to the
      Rig.  I have been thinking of turning of Antivirus.  Sometimes I even turn off the WiFi connection
      to save cycles.  I turn off the band activity and PSK reporter functions as well to save overhead.



      On 12/7/2013 12:14 PM, Mike Anderson wrote:

      I am having an issue that I discussed with another ham just recently and I am not sure what is going on.    I am running all of the latest  JTX,   JT Alert and  HRD etc.  Full size screen.   The issue I see is that    I will   respond to a  CQ or call CQ  and then instead of seeing  decoded messages  I only see the header and not the   decoded  Text.      So it appears as though   the person is calling me   3 or 4 times in a row when in fact  he is sending me   data.    Once JTX gets in this mode then it appears to continue this.    IF    I do a reboot  or a  cold reboot   then all of a sudden I start getting   STD  Msg  responses or   Macros back to me that I can see on the  screen.

      Anyone else have this issue.   I dont think its just me?            I run primarily   JT9   but I will try to make note if this happens on 65 too.        My time server is spot on.   I run   JT9 only  Mode with  +2KHz    checked.



      A normal   exchange  might be:

      K5NAN   K7XXX  -13
      K5NAN   k7XXX   RRR
      15W  TU   VRT  73

      what I see is 

      K5NAN    K7XXX
      K5NAN    K7XXX
      K5NAN    K7XXX

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