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394Re: WSJT-X v1.1

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  • Jim
    Jul 19, 2013
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      I really like WSJT-X and the JT-Alertx add-on is extremely useful.
      I like having both modes available without switching software although I usually don't operate both modes simultaneously. I made about 4000 QSOs with JT65-HF and am sorry to see it dead end, but grateful for people like Joe Taylor and Laurie that provide these new innovations and great assets to the ham community.

      Jim - N4ST

      --- In JT9digitalhams@yahoogroups.com, "Scott" <scolit@...> wrote:
      > Is anyone using the beta WSJT-X v1.1, r3487? I actually really like having the choice of JT65a or JT9 and not have to switch back and forth for different software programs. Joe has done a great job integrating both modes together. And, Laurie has done a nice job configuring JT-Alerts with it.
      > I'm just curious who is using the program and what your thoughts are.
      > Scott
      > KN3A
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