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38630 Meter JT9 at 10.130 - is this the right place for 30 Meter JT9?

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  • Don
    Jul 12, 2013
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      If anyone has thoughts about where JT9 should be on 30 Meters please reply and thanks for any reply from any Region1,2,3 - see below discussion posts...and thanks.
      Don KB9UMT

      ***** below posts from http://groups/yahoo.com/group/30mdg www.30mdg.net *****

      I have made some contacts on JT-9, many or most are people I have worked on other modes.

      I think that it may be a disadvantage to have jt-9 down at 10.130 and JT65 at 10.138 +-.

      I think that it would make sense to move JT65 down 1000 cycles and put JT9 in just above JT65 like it is on other bands.

      Now that the WSJT-X program does both JT-9 and 65 it would be nice to see both at the same time like you can on other bands.

      I imagine that there will be a transition over to JT-9 unless there is a compelling reason to use JT65 instead. JT9 is so much narrower. Even on 30 meters the JT65 part of the band can get crowded. The narrow JT-9 mode can solve that problem.

      73 and have a nice day.

      Scott KT1B Haverhill, MA

      Hi Scott,
      It is encouraging to see that there may be an interest in moving the JT frequencies on 30 meters.

      Those in Region 2 may not realise the situation for digimode operators which exists for Region 1 and Region 3.
      The ITU allocates 10.100 to 10.150 MHz for Amateur Radio on a secondary basis world-wide .
      However the IARU has allowed each region to define its own bandplan independently.
      Unfortunately for users of 30 meters, these regional bandplans are not well co-ordinated world-wide.

      Region 1: Digimodes (narrow band) are only permitted to transmit on frequencies above 10.140 MHz
      Region 2: Digimodes (narrow band) are only permitted to transmit on frequencies above 10.130 MHz
      Region 3: Digimodes (narrow band) are only permitted to transmit on frequencies above 10.140 MHz

      Therefore on 30 meters, any JT65A (dial 10.138 MHz) or JT9 (dial 10.130 MHz) QSO,
      where at least one station is in Region 1 or Region 3, is operating outside the IARU rules.
      So what? . . . .
      Well I guess for any IARU recognised award, these QSOs should be disallowed by the award manager!
      However, worse yet, a number of countries in Region 1 have the IARU bandplan incorporated in their licence terms.
      These stations are then contravening their licences and actually operating illegally!

      What to do? Well, Regions 2 and 3 do not have any plans to change. Region 1 scheduled the issue
      for a meeting a few weeks ago, but failed even to discuss it, owing to objections from the CW lobby,
      who want it left as it is. Their view is that all digimodes should obey IARU and move above 10.140 MHz.
      So nothing is likely to change for several years.

      Ian (G3NRW) has a very complete overview of world-wide usage on 30 meters, but can JT65A and JT9
      accordingly move up into the 10 KHz IARU Region 1 and Region 3 recommendation? Is that really feasible?
      If so, it could alleviate the problem, until IARU insists that the regions must have the same bandplan to cater
      for world-wide HF communications.

      Maybe someone else can comment and perhaps suggest a better alternative?

      73 Robin, 9H1ZZ

      Hi friends,
      regarding the JT9 frequencies, about half a year ago I advised Joe Taylor K1JT
      that the choice of 10.130 for JT9 collides with the regulations in force in
      Region 1, and that it should be considered moving to 10.139600; this would keep
      us out of trouble and probably not collide with WSPR. I did not receive any
      further reply.
      As long as we are limited to this extent and there is no agreement which QRGs
      would be most suitable, our overseas friends should not be too surprised when
      they do not get many QSOs in WSJT modes into their logs. We do not want to get
      admonishments by our authorities, especially when IARU bandplans in some
      countries are binding part of licenses. I believe in the States it isn't funny
      either to get mail from the FCC.
      vy73 Fred DL6XAZ #0988

      I am region 3 Robin and our 30 meter band plan says cw or modes less than 1 KHz below 140, and vk have ssb below 130 .
      I would love to get down a little for jt65 and get away from the wide band marine pactor that's driving me nuts on 138.00, I even hear marine pactor on 10.103, and that's hams doing it.
      How they get away with it I have no idea.
      Don zl1atb

      Thanks for the info Don.
      So, it looks as if the ZL and VK administrations are ignoring the IARU regional bandplan.
      Not unexpected; the authorities do that in most countries!
      But what about the rules of the IARU affiliated Amateur Radio societies in those countries?

      Robin, 9H1ZZ