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382WSJT-X v.1.1 Information

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  • Scott
    Jul 6, 2013
      Well, help of VA7HZ who spent hours together with me trying to sort out our issues together, and Andy, K3UK,who also put out this: http://obriensweb.com/wsjtx.html, I think I got it all working now. A couple of observations that I hope helps if anyone has similar issues.
      First of all, I had "Polling Interval" set to 0 (zero); I was showing 14076 on my radio, however I was showing 14078 on the WSJT-X screen and there was an orange box beside it. That I did not notice until I sent a screenshot to VA7HZ about something else and he noticed it. So make sure Polling Interval is at least 1.

      My old Kenwood radio does have 6k wide so I am able to view the JT65 and JT9 signals all together. Thanks to W4TV for that one.

      I set up SPLIT and all of a sudden I was being heard. Lots of reports on JT65 from different reporting sites, but whenever I try JT9, very few signal reports. Perhaps K3WYC is right, everyone has their spot reports turned off. I hope so because I'm not being spotted by many right now.

      Lastly, I was having a problem with the prior minute band activity to fill in until after the next minute started, so at K3UK suggestion, I changed the Decode to "Normal" and all is well there now too.

      I hope this is a help to others who are pulling their hair out like I did and almost gave up a few times. Thanks Joe, K1JT for this big upgrade. I had just started using DXLabs after finally abandoning HRD (even as a paid subscriber), so it was timely that you came out with 1.1 and compatible with Commander.

      73 Scott
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