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377Re: JT9 signal reports

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  • gary.liljegren@ymail.com
    Jun 21, 2013
      One of the magic things about JT9 is the signal report system. Since
      the signal report is generated by the system, accuracy is built in. You can over-ride it, but most people probably don't. Therefore, what you see is what you get... unlike CW where people hedge, and PSK where most everyone is a 599 unless they fade out completely. This provides a marvelous system for seeing propagation world-wide. We can watch hams in Japan talking with stations we only wish we could hear, and seeing the relative signal reports from Japan to us and from Japan to the other end of their QSO.
      Lots of times, I have seen someone who I see as -18 and when they come back the next time, they are a +02. Either they increased power enormously, or... they rotated their beam. I suspect the latter. My third contact was K1JT and I was embarrassed that my report from Joe was a +13, but he was a +12 from me... and I was running 10 watts. For whatever reason, my vertical seems to have a heavy directivity to NJ, NY, and New England. And thus, another benefit of JT9. It provides antenna pattern information.
      Thirdly, we are supposed to be using minimum power to maintain the desired contact. Who on 20 SSB does that? We can easily on JT9 watching the reports of the station we wish to contact and use whatever it takes, including 1 watt. I think that's fun!
      Gary W4GAL
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